First Chocolate Flavoured Bar Appreciation Session held in India!

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” ? Paulo Coelho.

A rare picture of the world’s best 50 chocolate on a platter curated for the 1st time ever in the world! As part of the Flavoured bars evaluation program, hosted in India in collaboration with the IICCT, UK, we tasted the best and award winning chocolates from across the world with rare cocoa beans, different natural flavours, textures, old world & new origins (Including Indian!), innovative pairings with local ingredients from across the world, alternate cacao, flavours infused with different techniques, varying production batch sizes and a lot more! We also experienced a few undeserved commercial (and perceived premium) bars which added perspective and helped the audience differentiate the good from the bad! “We have always strived to keep India at the forefront for fine chocolates. This has helped us create a platform for future growth since we are committed towards ensuring a fine future for the Bean to Bar industry in India” says L Nitin Chordia from Cocoatrait.

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