FSSAI to launch milk scheme to strengthen their internal units

The country’s apex food regulator (FSSAI) has now introduced a new scheme for sampling, testing and inspection of milk. They stated that their mission is to strengthen internal controls at dairy processing units.

The National Milk Quality Survey, was done in India by FSSAI in 602 cities, collected 6,432 samples. It revealed that milk in India is safe to consume. But, a few samples were positive for adulterants and contamination.

FSSAI stated that the samples were tested for four quality parameters, 12 adulterants and four contaminants, 93 antibiotics residues, 18 pesticide residues, Aflatoxin M1 and Ammonium Sulphate. The survey found that while 90 per cent of the samples were safe, less than 10 per cent of them were non-compliant.

The regulator added that to ensure the supply of safe and quality milk to consumers and address the non-compliances observed in processed milk during the survey.

FSSAI has taken several initiatives, and one of the initiative is the proposed launch of the scheme for sampling, testing and inspection of milk for self-monitoring at licenced dairy processing establishments.

Meanwhile, the scheme elaborates certain quality and safety tests, which have to be conducted by dairy establishments at a scheduled frequency to help the establishments in identifying the cause of any non-compliance and taking preventive and corrective action.

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