Mumbai’s Bubble tea brand to expand its business nationally

Bubble tea, which is also known as pearl milk tea, Boba juice or Boba tea is gaining immense popularity across the world, driven by rising demand for non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks.

The global bubble tea market is projected to reach $3.21 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 7.40% for the period of 2017 to 2023, aided by cost-effective pricing and health benefits associated with the various ingredients used in the beverage such as green, and black tea base and tapioca. The trend is slowly gathering space in India, with home-grown bubble tea franchise Dr Bubbles at its forefront.

Originating in Taiwan, Bubble tea is a widely consumed flavoured beverage containing tea as the basic component. Bubble tea is glazed with Boba, which are soft, chewy, and gummy tapioca pearls extracted from cassava root.

Other ingredients, such as jelly and fruit balls, are used for enhancing the texture of the tea. Bubble tea can be served both in hot or cold form, as per consumer preference and it uses a fat straw through which the pearls can be easily eaten by the consumers.

Dr Bubbles was established in 2015 after its founder; Adnan Sarkar discovered the taste of Bubble tea on one of his trips to South East Asia and wanted to introduce it in Mumbai.He discovered that while Bubble tea was available in India, the beverage has not received a positive response in the country.

This was primarily attributed to the different palette of taste when it comes to tea, as tapioca Boba – the chief ingredient of the original bubble tea – is slightly bland for the Indian consumers.

Sarkar understood that if Bubble tea has to be successful in India, the beverage has to be tailored according to Indian taste preference, and it could not be limited to providing tapioca Boba. The first store of Dr Bubbles was opened after undertaking meticulous research, and close involvement from the founder.

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