Food Safety for Processors, Ingredient Suppliers, Co-Packers and Distributors

By Gordon Young, Dennis Forte*

Helping to safely feed the world

Last year at IFT’s Annual Meeting & Food Expo, food safety company Agri-Neo introduced Neo-Pure, its validated food safety solution created specifically to control pathogens on seeds and grains while keeping them raw, organic and viable. Since then, Neo-Pure has increased the food segments it serves to include nuts, nut butters and sprouting seeds, and significantly expanded its customer base of food processors, ingredient suppliers, copackers and distributors.

Food Safety for ProcessorsAgri-Neo also announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved Neo-Pure as an antimicrobial solution for food safety on seeds, grains, and nuts. This approval comes in addition to the approval Neo-Pure already has from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”). The combination of both approvals allows processors to use Neo-Pure on the widest array of dry foods, whether they are raw agricultural commodities or food products. This is critical as more dry foods become heavily regulated under the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”). This FDA milestone comes in addition to validation from Process Authorities such as Certified Labs, who has validated the Neo- Pure process in its dedicated system with a 5-log reduction. Agri-Neo is able to provide validation for a number of seeds, grains, and nuts, which is often required under FSMA.

“It has been an exciting year as we firmly established our presence in the market and gained significant traction among our target food segments, highlighting the value of our innovative and FDA approved Neo-Pure food safety solution,” said Agri-Neo President and COO Rob Wong. “Growing consumer demand for healthier and less processed products has impacted every segment of the food industry and is requiring pathogen control to move beyond traditional methods such as pasteurization, fumigation and irradiation. Neo-Pure is truly innovative in its ability to keep foods raw, organic and viable, while at the same time protecting consumers, helping the industry meet FSMA requirements and allowing our customers to clearly differentiate their products. With our expansion into nuts and sprouting seeds earlier this year we have opened up significant new markets, allowing us to further our mission of helping to safely feed the world.”

In the last year, Agri-Neo has worked with some of the largest producers and distributors of seeds, grains, nuts, and sprout products, further validating the value and effectiveness of the Neo-Pure food safety solution. Notable customers include Johnvince Foods/Planters Canada, Once Again Nut Butter, Woodland Foods, Everspring Farms, Live Better Sprouting Innovation, Savita Naturals, Pacific Grain & Foods, and International Specialty Supply.

Validation from the Industry

“The safety of our products and protection of our iconic brands go hand in hand and are a priority for our entire company,” said Luis Deviveiros, Director of Operations, Johnvince Foods/Planters Canada. “In Agri-Neo we have found a partner that truly understands the critical nature of addressing food safety and is able to do so in a non-invasive and organic manner that is in tune with consumers’ preferences for healthier and natural products.”

“As a co-packer and ingredient supplier, Neo-Pure’s organic pathogen control provides us with an important tool to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. By providing our customers access to this revolutionary food safety solution, it allows us to conveniently and lucratively broaden the services we offer and develop new revenue streams.” said Richard Trout, President of Savita Naturals.

“We are pleased to offer our private label and co-packing clients that use seeds, grains and nuts Neo-Pure’s food safety solution. This added level of protection not only increases food safety through its innovative organic, non-thermal intervention process, it also has no impact on taste and allows us to meet FSMA requirements,” said Lee Perkins, Owner of Pacific Grain & Foods.

“As pioneers in a new generation of pathogen intervention for sprouted seeds and grains, Neo-Pure was exactly what we were waiting for,” said Dennis Barker, VP R&D of Live Better Sprouting Innovation. “The Neo-Pure solution provides us with validated pathogen intervention without damaging the vitality and inherent properties of the seed that are absolutely critical to ensuring quality germinated seeds and grains.”

Food Safety for Processors“Neo-Pure is able to achieve a validated 5-log pathogen reduction without affecting the viability of seed, so germination of sprouts remains unaffected,” said Raymond Jones, President of International Specialty Supply. “This allows us to maintain the organic nature of the sprouting seed and their nutritional value, while reassuring consumers that our products are safe from pathogens like Salmonella.”

Neo-Pure helps to minimize the risk of pathogens and unwanted microbes in seeds, nuts, grains and sprouting seeds by providing food safety as nature intended. Derived from plants, it denatures bacterial and fungal cell membranes and DNA on the surface and inside crevices of food. The Neo-Pure liquid solution is applied in its dedicated food safety system to ensure total coverage of every seed, grain, and nut. With Neo-Pure, food remains raw with no nutritional impact; certified organic to US NOP and Canadian COR standards; and viable with no impact to sensory, shelf life or germination.

Agri-Neo’s mission is to help safely feed the world. The vision of the company and its founders is to set new food safety standards, starting with Neo-Pure for nuts, seeds, grains and sprouts. Since 2009, Agri- Neo has invested significant resources from private investors and grants in research on food safety science performed by chemists, microbiologists and engineers.

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