Cooking and Creativity

By: Chef Shamsul Wahid

Chef Shamsul WahidCreativity is something that gives one more satisfaction and pleasure than any other virtue of humankind. The simple thought that one has made something out of nothing gives one a feeling of pride and an overwhelming feeling of well being and goodness. Have you ever seen a farmer looking at his field of crops, ready to harvest? There is a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes and his nose, whether he knows it or not, is in the air. Creativity is a kind of food for the soul. It really feeds one’s ego and makes them go a step closer to that superiority complex and eternal truth- all people who create are always happy. They live and work in the most trying conditions and yet remain happy. Happy in the sense that they like what they are doing and I believe that is true happiness.

Because my field is cooking and not philosophy, it is better that I strike a connection fast or I think you will stop scrolling. Well, what I’m trying to say is cooking and creativity are pretty much synonymous. In fact, I believe, of all the things that people relate creativity to, cooking gives it its complete meaning.

Let me show you how when you are cooking you create something that is real, helps people in deep ways and makes people happy. To convince you even further, have you seen a classic painting? Try imagining standing in front of it. Well, it is just great, isn’t it so well made, so full of colours and you just fall in love with it. You have seen it, admired it, and even started a little romance with it. Now, what do you do with it? Just keep looking because looking is all you can do with it. You might write an infinitely long appreciation essay but all you can do with it is just look. Now imagine yourself at the opera. Centre seat, front row. That is quite an experience! The sound just drills a hole in your soul, you get an amazing energy which vibrates throughout the audience, your ears really say ‘’Wow, I want nothing more, the experience is truly beyond the limits of my vocabulary.” But all you can do at the end of it is stand up and clap, may be go and kiss the artist, put his poster on your wall, on your screensaver, in your wallet, try and ape his style or buy his round the world tour album. But that is about all you can do.

Whereas when you look at the dish, fantastically made with amazing presentation anad vibrant colours, your eyes know that this is your own masterpiece. You really like this one but you can also smell the aromas, listen to it sizzle on your plate, feel the taste on your tongue. A good dish leaves an impact on all your five senses while a painting or an opera leave an impact only on one or two. You can eat it, savour it, make it your own or even taste memories through it. That is why I say that cooking defines the word creativity more completely than anything else.

Group Executive Chef of Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

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