India Pushing the Growth of the Meat Sector

Meat Sector

The food industry is an ever growing market. With newer technologies making headway into the sector, the production process has gradually become easier. One pivotal factor that has influenced this shift has been the growing demand for processed and ready to eat options stemming from the influx of the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle.

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The Export of Fruits & Vegetables, and Spices: Market Scenario

Export of Fruits

India ranks second in the fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. Indian spices are sought after condiments in India and abroad. Indian spice exporters participate in a number of international exhibitions.

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Hospitality is Friendly! Managing Services in Food Hospitality

Food Hospitality

Hospitality is the food, drink, and other privileges which some companies provide for their visitors or clients at major porting or other public events. Many people have described the hospitality industry in different ways.

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Ethnic Restaurants: Where Every Food and Drink has a Story

Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic food is like a “Cuisine marrying with Culture”. The list goes on to tout the continuing trend of chefs using more ethnic spices in their menus, due to an increasingly wide degree of access to a variety of international foods.

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Innovation in Food Service Technology

Ashish Dev Kapur*

Innovation in food service technology offers differentiation and cost leadership in strategic terms. We can see faster and better preparation methods, improved temperature control and heating, energy and labour savings, less waste, better sanitation, faster service and flexibility.

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The Savoury Snacks Market in India: A Thousand Billion Business

Savoury Snacks Market

Indians are known for their taste buds due to the varied culture and region specific flavours and so is the case with snacking. There are ample options for snacking for Indians; ranging from confectioneries, biscuits and chocolates to bakery items, western snacks and the traditional home made savouries.

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Gulfood: Manufacturers and Exporters from India target Middle East and African Market


Gulfood, over the years, has become one of the most sought after exhibitions for Indian food processing and packaging companies. This year is no different; more than 100 companies will take part in Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 in Dubai from 31 Oct until 2 Nov.

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‘Millennials and their Snacking Preference’

Snacking Preference’

Innovative food manufacturers can cater to the demands of their millennial customers by coming up with creative and nutritionally balanced snacks through the use of functional ingredients such as Palatinose™, isomalt and prebiotic dietary fibres

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Starch Industry in India: Supply and Demand Scenario

Starch Industry in India

Despite the various technological developments around the world, starch continues to be a major building block in modern societies and its use continues to expand in areas with strong economic growth.

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Toshniwal Powder Transfer System


Toshniwal Expertise in manufacturing Vacuum Pump more than 3 decades for varied application. The Vacuum conveying technology is a proven method of moving dry bulk solids and powders in a range of applications.

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