Global Food Safety Testing Market Size will reach $19.92 billion by 2025 – Research Cosmos

research cosmos

As per the report published by Research Cosmos, the Global Food Safety Testing Market was valued at $10.66 billion in 2016 and was expected to reach $19.92 billion by 2025, witnessing a CAGR of 7.40 percent.

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Mesnerising new fruit varients – Alcoholic range cider style

cider style

Our winery is located in the quaint settings of a small coastal town of Bordi about 150 km north of Mumbai. It was established in 2016 overcoming several hurdles to manufacture the world’s first ever cider style product from Chikoo/Sapota.

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Market saturation hinders bottled water’s growth in China

hinders bottled water

While China remains one of the biggest bottled water markets globally, the latest research from global market intelligence agency Mintel reveals that retail volume sales are on the decline. In 2017, China’s bottled water market was forecast to reach sales volume of 27 billion litres

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Redefining FMCG Packaging Market

FMCG Packaging

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, as the name suggests, are low-cost products with low shelf life (they are either high in demand or deteriorate rapidly, or both). Packaged food, beverages, toiletries, stationery items, medicine, makeup — all of them come under the FMCG label.

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Adopting Whole-Wheat Flour Bread As A Staple Diet Can Be Healthy And Nutritious

Wheat Flour Bread

Hi-Fiber Brown Breads, Atta Breads, and Multigrain Breads are the products which are now being recognised as healthy breads. These healthy breads are made from whole-wheat flour containing high fiber content which is good for consumption.

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Novel Food Preservation Technologies – A Review


Today, food preservation technologies are based on the prevention of microbial growth or on the microbial inactivation. Focus on enhanced need of food quality and not compromising with the nutritional and sensory qualities of food has created an increasing interest in low temperature mild heat food processing treatments.

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Seoul?Dairy?Cooperative?Premieres Microwavable?Heat&Go?Carton

Seoul Dairy

South Korea’s Seoul Dairy Cooperative (SDC) is launching ‘Achimae’ Soymilk (meaning Morning Soymilk), a nutritionally-rich, morning soy milk drink with chickpea protein, designed to be served as a warm, on-the-go breakfast.

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Food safety Culture

Food safety

Food safety is acquiring a central role in the food industry irrespective of the nature and scale of business; be it in food processing, food service, or retail. The lapse in food safety can be to detrimental to the companies to the extent of causing complete loss of business besides threatening consumer health and safety, penal actions, recovery or punitive costs, loss of long standing business, and personal reputation.

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Innovations and Trends in Indian Food Ingredients Market

Food Ingredients Market

Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient, affordable, healthier food. Chefs and operators should seek out collaborations and investments in emerging companies that could benefit from their infrastructure and experience to serve fast-changing consumer demand. Operators should take advantage of all opportunities to improve their bottom lines by reducing waste.

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“Growth Opportunity for Confectionery Packaging Manufacturers”

Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery items are commonly consumed by large sections of the populace and, in particular, is very popular amongst children and youth. There are various types of confectionery items available in the market – cakes, pastries, doughnuts, candies, wafers, chips, chewing gum, and chocolates. Some of the leading industries in the field of confectionery products are Cadbury, Nestle, Perfetti, Wrigley, Parle, Amul, and many more.

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