SPX FLOW Solutions: How Service Should Be Delivered

SPXSPX FLOW is re-defining the provision of life cycle solutions by integrating its services throughout the full life cycle of a product after the initial purchase. What does this mean for customers? Well, that depends! The point is that each customer will gain different benefits depending on what their goals and priorities are for their plants, processing system and products.

With an innovative approach to the provision of full life cycle solutions, SPX FLOW provides tailored plans based on what is most important to a specific customer. This includes a strategic plan for maintenance focused on extending the life of the processing system while in parallel reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime.

“A project doesn’t end once it is commissioned, nor does it only begin as a service contract,” commented Giselle C. Weil, Global Product Manager, Aftermarket, Food and Beverage at SPX FLOW. “To best serve our customers, an integrated holistic approach provides a deeper understanding of their needs and operational goals and reduces the total cost of ownership of a system. To this end, ‘service’ is not ‘aftermarket’. It is a continuous process throughout the life cycle of the full process line. We talk to customers during the concept design phase of the project to understand what their priorities are for the life of the system. We can then develop a solution and ongoing care plan designed to meet their specific needs and key performance indicators (KPIs) through the life of an asset.”

Critical success factors for a process line may include minimized downtime, maximized technical efficiency, improved product safety and security, and training to provide sustainable localized skills and technical competence. They may include commitment to on time delivery of service and spares, optimization of plant capacity or 100 percent traceability of equipment maintenance history. Close partnerships with the customer throughout the life of the system, indigenous capabilities can be developed, final product quality assured, operational costs reduced and operational performance enhanced. “Although specific to each customer and process line, the underlying principle of all service solutions is to reduce risks to the business, lower costs and meet KPIs for business growth and sustainability,” continued Weil. “Our customers are not interested in internal barriers in our business, so why have them? Smooth, integrated services from the inception of a project to its extension and decommissioning help us provide better service and helps ensure our solutions are truly ‘Engineered for Life.’”

SPX FLOW continues to make significant investment to its services and facilities to help its customers get the most from their assets and shared the latest steps it is taking to enhance customers’ experiences at ANUGA FoodTec this year.

Its new approach to fully integrated lifecycle solutions will help customers achieve more of what they want today and into the future; helping them gain competitive edge, reduce risk and maximize the potential of their assets throughout their lifetime.

“This integrated, comprehensive way of providing complete, life cycle solutions is purely based on what customers want from their processes. It may seem like common sense, but it is setting a new benchmark for what the food industry expects from its partners,” concluded Weil.

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