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FINSYS INFOTECH Ltd. have been linked to the Food Packaging Industry for the past 18 years, and it feels great to be a part of the growth story…

By Sangeet Kr Gupta and Puneet Gupta*

Product packaging plays several roles in enabling commerce and trade. The functions of modern day packaging go beyond containing, protecting and preserving products. It also includes functions to communicate, promote and transact products. Packaging provides several instinctual cues designed to affect consumers’ perception of the product and eventually influence their behaviour. To explain it further, I can say that the customer today not only gets impressed by the product but, rather, it is the packaging which lures him to buy it initially.

Over the past century, product packaging has evolved into a carefully designed artefact that integrates multiple functions of commerce into a thin film wrapped around products. Growing competition and continuous technological innovations have led to the evolution of packaging over this period.

The rise of supermarket culture drastically changed distribution and consumption patterns worldwide. This behavioural change of self-service model called for packaging to assume the role of a ‘silent-salesman’.

The rise of digital technologies in the latter half of the 20th century allowed businesses to scale rapidly and become global. With unprecedented competition, packaging came to be the way of differentiating products on the shelf. In such a scenario of competition, packing and its cost play a very important role in deciding the final cost of the end product.

Profitability and success of the Food Packaging industry depends highly on external factors. An inconsistent economy, remarkable rise in environmental awareness, stringent regulations—all have a major impact on the industry and, not to forget, the varying raw material costs.

No matter what the external forces are, you can still be in a better position by efficiently managing critical factors within your own business. In other words, efficiently using what you have can cut down on losses and wastage, thereby ensuring profitability. This is where an ERP comes into the picture.

A complete and flexible ERP software solution helps you gain greater control of your internal processes and lets you manage the situation more competently and confidently.

An ERP designed with proper understanding of the needs and operations of the food packaging industry works the way the manufacturer does. It seamlessly maps various stages of manufacturing and offers complete integration of companies’ individual yet co-functional departments.

PackagingGathering all information flows across the organisation, the ERP provides deeper insight into raw materials usage (like reels, rolls) and Process Management (in terms of – utmost utilisation of plant’s capacity, create and manage efficient production plans, and enhance supply chain efficiencies). This eventually leads to accurate costing, flexible scheduling and continuous production.

With everything done in a standardised way and on the record, adherence to regulatory compliances becomes easy. Keen tracking and tracing capabilities simplify recalls and speed up audits. Consequently, manufacturers experience optimum growth and relish profit maximisation.

We at FINSYS INFOTECH Ltd. have been linked to the Food Packaging Industry for the past 18 years and have seen it grow in this time. It is a great feeling to be a part of this growth story.

We Serve This Industry across Various Verticals Like:-

  1. Primary Packaging – Laminates and Flexibles
  2. Secondary Packaging – Duplex Folded Cartons
  3. Tertiary Packaging – Corrugated Boxes
  4. Pet Bottles, Lamitubes and Printing industry ( Inserts for Pharmaceuticals Industry)

We at FINSYS understand that the process cost is an important component of the packaging and, ultimately, the Product cost. Furthermore, if there is wastage of raw materials or time, or machine time or consumables, they all gross up to increase the cost of the packaging and eventually the product. So, the idea behind Finsys ERP is to provide better control over the processes and, hence, reduce wastages and increase profitability.

If ERP can provide you with the BAR Code Traceability feature which can help you trace the movement of the material – from the simple poly through the various processes to the final pouch, then it will surely give you better control and a clear picture of the whole process. What if you could also maintain the FIFO for your inventory? This will enable you to work in a Lean Manufacturing environment and get the most out of it.

FINSYS ERP does all that and more.

PackagingThe focus is on integrating all the areas vital to the business, right from planning of “what to buy”, “when to buy” and, most importantly, “how much to buy” to proper receiving into the stores and further. This, we can say, is the ‘Preventive Approach’ to any flaws. But even then, if there are issues, FINSYS also enables you to take ‘Corrective Actions’ by providing you details about “who has done what?”, making you well equipped for every situation.

With the ease of being used on devices like your Android phones for gate entries and material issuances, FINSYS ERP provides you a flexible and user-friendly environment which is easy to adopt.

We all know that “well begun is half done”; an ERP can take you miles ahead in attaining the success that you strive for. It will help you through the whole process – from planning to the execution and attaining the end product at minimal cost, thus increasing your efficiency and eventually your PROFITABILITY.

Principal Advisor, Finsys Infotech Limited*

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