Smart Technology Provides Additional Value for Collagen Peptide

A new range of collagen peptides can be processed more efficiently on existing facilities. The novel SMART TECHNOLOGY (ST) collagen peptides have the same nutritional and physiological properties as the wellestablished GELITA peptides range, but are easier to handle – even at high doses. The HST version even combines the best of two worlds as they are the first Bioactive Collagen Peptides® with gelling power.

Collagen PeptideApparently unaffected by global economics and boom-and-bust trends, the worldwide markets for collagen peptides and gelatine continue to flourish. Worth $0.7 billion and $1.8 billion in 2013 respectively, these sectors are expected to reach values of $1.1 billion and $3.0 billion by 2020. Driving this growth are a number of factors, including an increasing awareness about personal healthcare and nutrition, the rising tendency of an ageing population to maintain their physiological well-being, and the steady pace of industrialization in developing geographies. GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are scientifically proven ingredients that offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits. Now, GELITA’s SMART TECHNOLOGY enhances the company’s collagen peptides by adding a new set of properties. Building on the existing product range, these novel ingredients have been produced using an additional particle engineering processing step. As a result, the SMART TECHNOLOGY range offers customers significant extra value in the form of technological advantages that, for example, improve efficiency and process performance. They can also provide functional advantages — improving specific properties or conferring innovative characteristics — that open up new product and process design possibilities.

Dr Margarethe Plotkowiak, Head of Global Product Management, Food, at GELITA, notes: “The use of existing equipment often limits the optimization of certain process parameters during product development. There may be issues with dissolution or undesired foaming, for example. The ST product range was developed to overcome these hurdles. This not only enables manufacturers to run more stable, controlled and enhanced processes, it also facilitates the creation of new products without having to invest in new production facilities.”

Technological benefits

GELITA ST and HST products produce less dust during production, transportation and storage. This makes handling easier and also reduces the time required for cleaning, leading to time and cost savings. They also show improved dissolution properties: due to an adjustable particle size, a higher bulk density and an improved wettability profile, it is now easier than ever to create high-concentration solutions. Because the particles sink to the bottom of the dissolution vessel more quickly, fewer clumps form and, because of a lower air input, less undesired foaming occurs. This leads to fewer rejects and a smoother process that operates in a more controlled and reliable way. Furthermore, depending on the product and process requirements, viscosity and drying times can be adjusted to provide optimal results.

Collagen PeptideIn the ST version, all collagen peptides from GELITA — VERISOL®, FORTIGEL®, FORTI BONE®, BODYBALANCE® and TENDO FORTE® — will benefit from these enhanced properties. Of course, in line with GELITA’s existing portfolio, ST products are nonallergenic and can be used to achieve a clean and clear label. If the product requires both the bioactivity of collagen peptides combined with gelling power, HST products now also offer the convenience of handling just one product instead of two. Further to the advantages already mentioned, additional benefits include supply optimization (order, transport, store and process just one ingredient), making it easier to produce innovative products.

Beneficial for various applications

During the past decade, protein has become one the most sought-after ingredients. It is now prominently featured on consumer products from beverages to yoghurt and everything in between. However, in functional foods and dietary supplements, it is often a difficult task to process large quantities of protein into the final product – ideally without the time-consuming conversion of existing production processes and machinery.

An excellent example of the added value derived from GELITA SMART TECHNOLOGY is the production of high-protein gummies. By using HST peptides and a recipe adapted to high protein levels, clear fruit gummies with a protein content of up to 35% can be made on a standard Mogul production line. This is not currently possible with conventional powder products.

GELITA ST and HST products also make it possible to achieve a high dry substance binding system, resulting in an improved drying and setting regime within a viscosity range suitable for the production of cereal bars. As a result, these technologically optimized collagen peptides can be used as a coating agent or binder in muesli bars. Finally, the optimized bulk density means it’s now possible to significantly increase the amount of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that can be included in a hard capsule shell for example.

More than saturation and taste GELITA’s

Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are scientifically proven ingredients that offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits, which is why they are increasingly used in food and dietary supplements throughout the world. BODYBALANCE® contributes to body toning and can help to prevent age-related muscle loss in the elderly. For beauty-from-within products, GELITA offers VERISOL®, a product that helps to substantially increase skin elasticity and hydration by stimulating skin metabolism. With FORTIGEL®, the company provides the bioactive component proven to stimulate joint cartilage regeneration. GELITA’s FORTIBONE® contributes to bone health by promoting the biosynthesis of bone extracellular matrix. TENDOFORTE® is designed to increase health and quality of ligaments and tendons, it helps to decrease the risk of injury considerably whereas flexibility improves.

In order to master the development process of products with added value, a great deal of technological, nutritional and regulatory know-how is required. Consequently, the role of ingredient manufacturers becomes increasingly important. GELITA, the leading manufacturer of collagen proteins, is aware of the current changes and challenges affecting the sector. We continuously monitor global markets and consumer trends to help our customers develop innovative approaches to creating new products. From technical support, recipe or concept development and nutritional and regulatory advice, we offer guidance and expertise throughout the entire value chain. And, right now, there are strong growth opportunities for collagen-based innovations in the market.”

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