Say it with Color – Deliver it with Fruit & Vegetables

Coloring food with food fulfils growing consumer demand for colorful food and drink products with clean & clear labels

Coloring foodColor is a key driving force when it comes to buying food and beverages. Appealing, appetizing hues not only support a delicious taste experience, indicate freshness and indulgence but have turned into an essential tool for product differentiation. Social media has changed food and beverage consumption, turning vibrant, shareable colors into a major driver for attention. At the same time, consumers look for natural ingredients and clean labels. In the UK, 7 in 10 shoppers want to know and understand the ingredient list. Exberry® by GNT exhibitrd for the first time at The Ingredients Show, in Birmingham UK, to demonstrate how manufacturers can stay ahead of these trends.

“Marketing strategies for foods and beverages are more focused on color than ever. Considering the current health drive in our society, manufactures can no longer rely on additives to create the desired woweffect”, says Paul Collins, Managing Director of GNT UK. “With Exberry®, we deliver a truly natural solution to respond to both trends and make products succeed on the shelf.”

The whole journey of Exberry® from the very beginning at the field to the supermarket where products are added to the consumers shopping trolley can be seen. The tour starts where only the best raw materials are cultivated for Coloring Foods – a field area. Exberry® experts control the entire supply chain from the production of seeds to harvesting at peak ripeness, processing with gentle physical methods and the final formulation. Monitoring the supply chain in such a way enables not only to secure the optimum quality of the concentrates, but also a year-round availability and price stability of the products.

At the ice cream parlor, visitors can see Exberry® in application and individualize their personal vegan fruit or vegetable ice cream with different eye-catching toppings and syrups. Application experts will be on hand to discuss natural color solutions for a wide range of food and drink products, the latest color trends and offer advice on replacing additives. The third area, an on-site supermarket stocked with naturally colored products, will demonstrate the multiple application possibilities and clear labeling options. The brand’s representatives will be on-site to explain how positive and understandable front-of-pack communication can have a beneficial impact on brand preference.

At The Ingredients Show, Birmingham, Exberry® by GNT demonstrated their all natural color concentrates for all kinds of applications and discuss latest color trends.

Coloring food

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