PET PLAST INDIA – Innovating to Meet the Ever Changing Need of the Industry

Dheeraj Taneeja

PET PLAST INDIA is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range Blowing Machines and its required Ancillaries. On an interview with Dheeraj Taneeja for Food Marketing & Technology-India, the Holding Editor Sagrika Sanjay exchanged words to know his experience and views during the event.

Tell us about your company?

PET industry is very flourishing. We are into moulding machines for PET bottles and PET blowing machine, PET jar containers. The company is 9-10 years old with 800 installations across the country. Some companies associated with us are Patanjal8i, edible oils, Soft drinks, and many more. We manufacture auto-pack plastic, lightest in plastic, and of food grade type.

What new are you doing?

We have both quality and cost conscious people, and we are looking to energy saving technology, i.e., IT Enabled Technology. We have server controlled automation that makes the very easy. The product efficiency is high, taking just half an hour to complete the whole task. People are conscious of the per product cost along with the quality. It is important to maintain a balance. Being a customer centric company, we accept the feedback and advice from the customers.

Tell us about your new products?

We displayed our latest machine that has the capacity of 5000 bottles/hr. It is a Pneumatic, server based machine with IT enabled Auto Pilot Feature. IT is an automatic machine with its own software stimulation and easy-to-form shape.

What has been the impact of GST and demonatisation in PET PLASTIC INDIA?

GST had an impact, but for a short time. The recovery can be seen now. The market has reached certain stability and is now flourishing. The momentum can be seen, with things getting back to normal.

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