Natural Food Colours: Preparations and Application

Natural Food Colours

Natural food colour is any dye, pigment or substance that imparts colour when it is added to food or drink. All individuals are sensitive to the colour of food, even appetites are influenced and stimulated by colour; colour may sometimes discourage eating certain foods and diminish the desire for particular foods.

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FSSAI Aims towards Strengthening the Food Testing Systems in the Country

Dr. N. Bhaskar

Food testing is an integral part of the FOOD SAFETY REGULATION and ENFORCEMENT. Through a network food testing laboratories (state food testing labs and referral labs) has been established across the country

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“Good To Go” For every Health-Junkie in the Capital!

Mr. Angad Singh

With their successful introduction into the e-tailing market, Good To Go brings you, their newest range of exotic and fitness products that is a must-have: Four exciting new flavours of steamed/grilled chicken breast, namely Herbed, Tandoori, Hot chilly & Lemon chilly.

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And Thou Shall Not Be ‘OBESE’ Anymore…

vegetables and fruits

Asking anyone about obesity who adheres to conventional wisdom will effortlessly state that abstinence from food and rigorous exercise is the ultimate cure. But the concept of obesity is multidimensional and research dictates that causes of obesity transcends the orthodox approach defining obesity on basis of dietary over indulgence, lack of exercise and miniscule quantities of self control and will power.

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Weaning Food

weaning food

Weaning is the process of gradually introducing an infant mammal to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother’s milk. The process takes place only in mammals, as only mammals produce milk. The infant is considered to be fully weaned once it is no longer fed any breast milk (or bottled substitute)

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The Export of Fruits & Vegetables, and Spices: Market Scenario

Export of Fruits

India ranks second in the fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. Indian spices are sought after condiments in India and abroad. Indian spice exporters participate in a number of international exhibitions.

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