UK Farmers Fails to Find Fruit & Vegetable Pickers for British Farms

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UK Farmers Fails to Find Fruit & Vegetable Pickers for British Farms

According to the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) Recruitment agencies struggle to secure fruit and vegetable pickers for the British Farms.

An NFU survey found that last year there was a 12.5% shortfall of seasonal workers required to work on farms.

According to the Kent-based AG Recruitment, the number of Romanians willing to work in the UK has fallen sharply since the UK referendum.

AG Recruitment co-director Doug Amesz said: “We need an incentive. Previously we were looking for people with some English, now we find it difficult to recruit anyone with English.”

According to an ALP report, farmers were warned last year of recruitment difficulties. Three-quarters of agriculture and horticulture businesses predicted shortages in low and unskilled roles this year.

In order to try to attract more foreign workers, some farmers have increased wages and bonuses, and improved accommodation conditions.

The government has promised to address this issue and consider introducing a scheme to give seasonal workers special permits to work in the UK.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said: “We have been clear that up until December 2020, employers in the agricultural and food processing sectors will be free to recruit EU citizens to fill vacancies and those arriving to work will be able to stay in the UK afterwards.”

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