Third Food Safety Month organized by Equinox was a huge success

What began as a simple initiative three years ago, today has become one of the most anticipated events. Food Safety Month, now in its third consecutive year, ended on a high note on 6th May 2017. The phenomenal success of the campaign in its first two years made it possible to revive the campaign for the third time.

Over the last three Seasons, the campaign impacted more than 10,000 businesses, engaged more than 31,000 participants and over 45,000 downloads of Food Safety Month Resources were noted.

Food Safety is and continues to play a pivotal role in our daily lives. The food we consume daily, the water we drink and the environment around that influences food safety needs to be monitored by the three units – Government, Food Operators, and Consumers. All the three units have to work in collaboration for an impactful end result – a safe food product and the right to avail them for all.

In these three years and our association with many Corporate Companies, Food Businesses and Individuals, we have come across many units who prioritize Food Safety, Good Hygiene Practices and overall, Good Quality Standards for the consumers. Such practices are of utmost importance in the scenario where Food Scams and Adulteration scandals are on a rise. Such companies and people should be known to the common man and should receive recognition among the food fraternity.

Conceptualizing this idea, Food Safety Award 2017 came into genesis, in association with Testing Partner Equinox Labs and Food Safety Partner Equinox Consulting. The Food Safety Award Team finalised 3 categories – 1. Corporate Cafeterias 2. Food Business Operators 3. Food Safety Professionals who created a wave of impact, enabling a better standard of living for the employees and consumers, likewise. The nomination ended with the Food Safety Month 2017, i.e., on 6th May, 2017. The process of evaluating the applications is in progress and the top 3 winners will be declared by the end of May.

Food Safety Month 2017 also ran a series of events like Quiz on pertinent topics of Food Safety at different steps of Food preparation. More than 1000 plays were observed and a remarkable level of customer engagement boosted this event.

The Posters and Signages during this event were the star point of the event. These are free resources which can be used by Food Businesses, Corporate Companies and Food Safety Professionals in their premises, purely to spread awareness among people the importance of Good Hygiene Practices and how to follow them.

The Food Safety Month team organised a webinar on Label Validation – Importance, Exemptions and FSSAI Regulations. A complex topic, this was largely demanded by many FBOs to help them comply with the regulations stated by FSSAI. The team received a marvelous response to the entire webinar, with many making suggestions for the webinar topics that they would like to know more about in the future.

Equinox launched its own Newsletter by name of Equinox Labs Advisory to connect with people and achieve a far-fetched awareness on health and safety. Factsheet and Courses on Food Safety Protocols, FSSAI Audits and Basic Hygiene Practices were availed to many during this period.

The Food Safety Month was a huge success with tremendous support from our Sponsors Raw Pressery, Smoodies, Native Foods, Seedy, Ahura, Goodness! Beverages and our Media Partner Food Marketing and Technology – India. The team expresses their immense gratitude for ensuring the initiative achieved its goal of ensuring a better quality of life and also aims towards a quantum leap in the coming months.

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