Thermoforming – Solutions from a single source: KIEFEL

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Thermoforming – Solutions from a single source: KIEFEL

KIEFEL GmbH develops and produces high-quality machines for processing plastic films. The customers are supported in every aspect concerning packaging solutions from a single source: from material and product development, sample production to the installation of complete production lines with thermoforming machines, tools, and automation equipment.

Steel Rule Cutting Machines

Fast for high volumes, economic for smaller jobs. The KMD Speedformer pressure forming machines are flexible in the production of food or non-food articles, versatile with all common thermoforming materials – regardless of whether handling PS, OPS, EPS, PP, PE, PVC, APET or CPET. Male, female and combined products like trays, containers, hinged boxes, blisters, bowls, lids, inserts show the highest flexibility of the KMD series.

Thermoformed products protect, preserve and display food and have to meet functions such as: rim for sealing, rims for tightly fitting lids, etc. Kiefel was the forerunner in integrated plug-assist drive and BFS system in KMD type machine addressing increasing product challenges. The machines have a modular design and are configurable for customer’s requirements.

Pressure Forming For Cup Production

Capsules for coffee, yogurt cups, drinking cups, cups for use with snap-on lids or plant-pots – The KTR Thermorunner pressure forming machines for cup-production offer more robustness and availability combined with high performance and precision. Users get advantage from more options in tooling with tools from Bosch Sprang or Mould & Matic or their preferred toolmaker.

Innovative solutions are also available for downstream automation and T-IML. No matter how thin, whether the product’s tendency to become oval-shaped, or the requirement for automation, the Pick-up Stacker concept from Mould & Matic is the leading technology for the production of disposable cups, tubs, and capsules. It allows for any type of highly productive further processing, such as hole-punching, camera inspection and the automatic packing of stacks of cups into weld-sealed plastic sleeves.

The Kiefel Technology Center brings customers a step ahead

Innovative and proven engineering: The Kiefel Technology Center is equipped with standard KMD and KTR production machines as well as numerous other lab-thermoform- and test equipment.

With Bosch Sprang and Mould & Matic, Kiefel has access to further capabilities and devices within one group. Support is provided from basic material testing as well as product development and for tuning up the thermoforming production. Dedicated training for operators and maintenance staff and thermoforming courses are offered.

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