Swiggy goes national with Access kitchens in three metros & Hyderabad

Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform, has now expanded its  Swiggy Access across most major metros in the country, with kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Swiggy Access is a strategic initiative by the company to bring great quality food closer to consumers, while enabling business expansion for its restaurant partners.

The online food delivery major has consistently been at the forefront of expanding the food delivery market in the country through great food options and delightful user experiences.

However, despite the mushrooming of new restaurants, there exists a huge deficit in restaurant supply in the country. To keep up with this demand for richer culinary choices, restaurants are turning to delivery-only kitchens.

With Access, Swiggy will enable existing restaurants to expand to more locations through delivery-only kitchens quickly and without the hassles of making huge investments in real estate.

“At Swiggy, we strongly believe that consumers should get access to great food choices, wherever they are. Being the largest food aggregator in the country, it is our responsibility to identify and fulfil current and future gaps in offering this choice. We also want to encourage expansion for quality food brands, creating more success stories in the restaurant industry,” said Vishal Bhatia, chief executive officer, new supply, Swiggy.

“We believe that delivery-only kitchens will be the future of the restaurant industry. Swiggy Access will enable this transition by rapidly expanding to more areas in Tier-I and II cities and working with hundreds of restaurants,” he added.

Since launching its first Access kitchen with five restaurants in Bengaluru last year, Swiggy has expanded to



numerous locations in the city with over 30 brands.

With its launch in four new cities, Swiggy Access has already brought over 35 new restaurants to different neighbourhoods. This includes popular brands like Paradise Biryani and Krispy Kreme, that are augmenting their national presence through Access.In an industry first, Access is also enabling inter-city expansion for its restaurant partners. Vasudev Adigas, a flagship South Indian restaurant from Bengaluru, will be available to consumers in Delhi through Swiggy Access.

Speaking about their national expansion through Swiggy Access, Biju Thomas, chief executive officer, Vasudev Adigas, said, “Our partnership with Swiggy Access has been a phenomenal success in Bengaluru.”

“We’re really excited about expanding with them through Access kitchens in other cities, making our much-loved South Indian food available to new customers there. We can hit the ground running in these locations without worrying about infrastructure, overheads and delivery costs,” he added.

Restaurant partners get access to a ready kitchen infrastructure without the hassle of rents or deposits. Additionally, restaurant partners will be able to leverage insights from Swiggy to improve their menu offerings and optimise their kitchens through consistent consumer feedback.

Popular Bengaluru-based restaurants like Truffles, Leon Grill and Art of Delight have reached more locations within the city. For instance, 25 per cent of the Truffles kitchens are operated out of Swiggy Access. Some brands are also using Access to test new markets.

Within the first three months of coming on Access, most restaurant partners have doubled the volume of their delivery side of the business. Moreover, Swiggy Access also helps restaurants set up delivery-only kitchens with high hygiene standards.

Over the next 18 months, Swiggy Access will open pods to introduce hundreds of partner restaurants in newer cities and neighbourhoods across the country.

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