Sidel’s EvoDECO Multi maximises labelling performance

The Sidel EvoDECO solutions, available either as a modular, multi-technology or as dedicated-technology equipment, are designed for total flexibility and optimised for unmatched performance, to meet today’s demands within labelling.

It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd than in today’s competitive beverage market.

Labels are key components of any brand marketing mix, allowing manufacturers to differentiate their products and give end consumers the information they need and increasingly expect.

To allow this, Sidel introduces the new EvoDECO labelling solutions. They might either include several labelling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application through dedicated equipment for optimised uptime, reduced footprint, and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Sidel-Evo DECO-Multi

The EvoDECO Multi labeller – Sidel’s most flexible labelling solution to date – brings modularity into labelling. It offers a standardised carousel that can be equipped with up to four different labelling technologies: roll-fed, self-adhesive, cold glue and hot melt.

This enables manufacturers to set up the machine for their unique labelling needs, as they can easily apply several types of labels to different types of containers and packaging materials (PET, HDPE, glass) of varying formats and dimensions (from 0.1L to 5L).

Switching between various labelling modules is quick and easy thanks to Plug & Play connections, and attention has been paid to ergonomics and operator safety: easy operations, cleaning and maintenance are facilitated by its open, frameless structure. Additionally, new brushless motors remove the need for lubrication and achieve great energy savings.

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