Royal Family of UAE funds Mumbai-based Wegan Foods Start Up ( vegan )

Those who enjoy vegan foods have good news in store for them. Mumbai-based food start up Wegan Foods has obtained hefty investments from SheikhaArwa Al Qassimi and Ras Al Khaimah of the royal family of UAE.

The start up will launch a range of delicious, healthy dairy-free treats for vegans. Kinjal Darukhanawala, founder and chief executive officer, Wegan Foods said “We are creating a range of products that are delicious and dairy-free. We aim to be an ethical and transparent brand, which will source the highest quality ingredients.”

Asparagus Couscous with Chickpeas and Almonds


Vegan treats produced in Kitchens :

The vegan treats will be prepared in local kitchens, unlike other commercial snacks manufactured in assembly line factories or laboratories.

Local vegan pantry staples will be crafted, including a dairy-free cheese, ready for the market by October 2017. The new cheese will be sticky and gooey, full of cheesy-flavour and goodness. It will go well with pastas, pizzas, burgers, nachos, breads and potatoes.

The cheese will be similar to cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, melting, sticking, stretching and spreading while being free of lactose, gluten and soy.

Fresh, healthy and tasty, these vegan treats will dispel any misconceptions people might have about vegetarian foods as boring.

The investments will fund the kitchen, product portfolio management and building the brand value of the company.

Initially, the start up will focus on the B2B network, selling the brand’s foods directly to restaurants, 5-star chains, catering houses, coffee shops and airlines. For local customers, the kitchen-recipes will be offered via food delivery mobile apps.

Another trivia about the start up is that it will be operated by women. Al Quassimi was quoted “I have invested in Wegan Foods in my personal capacity. I was impressed with the fact that Darukhanawala plans to have a workforce comprising 90 per cent women by hiring from organisations that groom and empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is the biggest motivation for me.”

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