Robot-Assisted Food Dispensing Machine by Airport Authority of India

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) in the Lohegaon airport started a robot-assisted food dispensing machine and outlet for passengers. The state-of-the-art machine will enhance the customer experience,” said Pune airport director Ajay Kumar.


Robot-Assisted Food Dispensing Machine by Airport Authority of India

Apart from the food dispensing machine, the solar power plant at the airport, which was delayed by nearly three weeks, was also inaugurated. Officials stated that the plant is capable of generating 300KW of power.

As per the news, food sourced from different city outlets will be available at the outlet. It is a modern machine that dispenses food once the customer makes a selection on an iPad connected to it and pays the amount through a debit/credit card or cash.

There have been frequent complaints rom passengers about the substandard quality and price of the food. Also, there have been complains about the quality of food being served at some outlets located at the airport.

The solar power plant will save considerable energy. In March this year, 2,600 light-emitting diode (LE)D lights were installed at the airport, which resulted in the load decreasing from 192KW to 80KW.

The cost of the project is Rs1.27 crore. All electric equipment, like the lighting of the terminal building, baggage belts, will run on solar power. However, regular electricity option will be available as back up,” another official pointed out.

According to sources, in the future, the power generation capacity of the plant would be increased. This means that the energy generation capacity of the solar power plant will also be increased.

Source: TOI

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