PureCircle’s Advances Expand Production Stevia Sweeteners

PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and innovator of stevia ingredients, announces that its recent advances now enable it to significantly boost production of the stevia sweeteners which have the most sugar-like taste and which are most sought after by beverage and food companies.


PureCircle’s Advances Expand Production Stevia Sweeteners

The stevia leaf is a miracle of nature.  It contains many sweetener variants, including those known as Reb A, Reb D and Reb M.  Each is an intense sweetener, enabling the production of low- and zero-calorie beverages and foods, sweetened with an ingredient from a plant.

Until now, a challenge has been that Reb D and Reb M are present only in relatively small amounts in the conventional stevia plant.  PureCircle’s innovation has addressed that in two ways.

First, PureCircle has developed a proprietary strain of the stevia plant that it calls Starleaf™ stevia.  Starleaf stevia plants contain greater amounts of Reb D and Reb M than conventional stevia plants.  As previously announced this year, PureCircle is massively ramping up its planting of Starleaf stevia.

In addition, to further enable it to provide food and beverage companies with significant amounts of Reb D and Reb M, PureCircle now has two ways of producing those stevia sweetener products.  PureCircle continues to produce Reb D and Reb M by extracting them from its proprietary Starleaf plants.

But now it can also produce Reb D and Reb M in much greater scale, directly using the more abundant Reb A in the production process.  The Reb D and Reb M produced from the two processes are from the stevia leaf and are identical in great taste.

PureCircle has already begun ramped-up production of Reb D and Reb M.  PureCircle CEO Maga Malsagov says, “large-scale volumes are now available at attractive prices.”  He adds that the product is “consistently of the highest quality.” All of PureCircle’s stevia sweeteners – produced using either of the above-cited processes — are non-GMO.

PureCircle has been granted an array of stevia-related patents.  These patents – plus additional applied for patents — cover a wide range of stevia-related products and processes.  Beyond patents, and further enhancing its broad-based intellectual property, the company has extensive trade secrets and know-how.

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