Punjab Government Mandatories Display of True Copy of License

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Punjab Government Mandatories Display of True Copy of License

To make the Mission Tandarust (healthy) Punjab a success, Punjab Government has made it mandatory for food business operators to display Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) at their establishments.

Disclosing this, an official spokesperson of the Punjab government said that under the existing provisions of the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011, it is mandatory to display the true copy of the license. The same needs to be displayed at a prominent place at all times within the premises where the Food Business Operator carries on the food business, he said.

The spokesperson said that it has been noticed that usually, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license number is not visible to the consumers. Thus, to change the overall consumer perceptibility and to strengthen food safety, the Punjab Government has directed the district authorities to ensure FSDBs are being displayed by various food businesses operators in their jurisdiction. The spokesperson said that Food Safety Display Board is covering important information like FSSAI registration or license number, basic food hygiene and safety tips to inform the customers.

Divulging further about the usage of FSDBs, the spokesperson said that FSDB is informative boards which primarily display food safety and hygiene practices to be followed by food business operator in their establishment.

The FSDBs are colour coded for different kind of food businesses for ease of recognition by the consumers. He said that colour code for the FSDB for restaurant is purple, likewise for fruit and vegetable retail its green, meat retail (red), milk retail (blue), street food (purple), retail store (grey), liquor retail (brown), transport and distribution (navy blue), storage (yellow) and for manufacturing unit the colour code of FSDB is turquoise.

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