Prasuma Meats & Delicatessen launches Bacon Jam  



Prasuma Meats & Delicatessen launches Bacon Jam

Prasuna Meats & Delicatessen with their “Bacon Jam” launch want to “jam” it on everything!

Any Meat Connoisseur will tell you if you have to elevate any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner – then some sizzling Bacon would be just the right thing! This fact is especially known to the Suwal Family who own PRASUMA, India’s leading brand of meat & delicatessen products. Prasuma is known for introducing the fresh & chilled deli meat segment in India and now boast over 200+ SKUs ranging from Bacon, Sausages, Cold Cuts & Gourmet Meat available in Modern Retail Stores across India.

Made from 100% Bacon & Smoked Chicken, this sweet, chunky Jam, is put simply is just plain delicious. Available in 3 flavours – the Smoked Bacon Jam, the Spicy Bacon Jam and the Smoked Chicken Jam, all of the flavours together create a sweet, semi-sour, and savoury concoction that goes well with almost everything. Use this delicious smokey, sticky relish on your favourite burger or sandwich, mix into some pasta, jazz up the plain paratha, add a spoonful to a pizza or just simply stick a spoon in it and pig out!

Meat infused jams and relish are no strangers to foreign consumers but for the first time, they have forayed into the Indian market. Prasuma, true to their brand as pioneers, have brought this particular product to the Indian retail shelves with foresight and attention to detail. The jams are not just the first of their kind in the country but they are also of exceptional quality and taste, making them reliable and not just experimental. This is a major step in bringing the choices available to Indian consumers on par with those available to consumers everywhere else.

It was always meant to be, says Lisa Suwal, the CMO of Prasuma Meats & Delicatessen. She tells us that it came from Suwal’s family breakfast table. She says, “My father has been in the meat business for about 30 years and Bacon has always the highest selling & most loved product of Prasuma. Since all of us at home like bacon, jam made from it is a regular morning spread for us. And a lot of friends who would come over really loved it, and asked us, ‘Why don’t you start retailing it?’ So that’s how we thought that perhaps it is time we introduced this in the market as well.”

Available at Rs. 350 a bottle and are available in leading retail stores that have established their repute in metropolitan cities, such as Food Hall, Godrej Natures Basket and all other modern retail outlets. If a trip to the store would not be convenient, they are also home delivered in Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon through Meatigo, Prasuma’s online delivery partner.

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