The Not Company will Bring Food Revolution to the World

The Not Company may seem like an unlikely rising contender in this multi-billion dollar business of food replacement, but it’s from there that chief executive Matias Muchnick and his two co-founders are plotting to bring the potential benefits of this food revolution to Latin America — and eventually the world.

Muchnick, a serial entrepreneur, previously launched Eggless, a company selling plant-based dressings and a plant-based mayonnaise.

Part of Muchnick’s drive to stay close to home is to fight the spread of the high calorie, low-cost foods that are flooding Latin America — and transforming what it means to be undernourished in countries around the world.

Chile actually represents the third largest market for mayonnaise in the world, Muchnick said, so it made sense for the company to start there. It’s also easier to manufacture than some of the more ambitious products that the company has on its roadmap.

Already, Muchnick says that he’s managed to capture 10% of the (admittedly small) Chilean market for mayonnaise in just 8 months in stores. The next product on the roadmap is a milk replacement that should launch in September, with NotYogurt and Not Ice Cream coming in 2019.

By 2020, The Not Company will be introducing sausages and ground meat replacements, he said.

Source: Tech Crunch


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