Nestlé Middle East releases new Maggi soups for children

Nestlé Middle East has expanded the product range of its Maggi brand by introducing a new line of soups made for children.

Available in creamy potato and chicken pasta flavours, the soups are free from artificial ingredients, additives, colourants and flavours.

Approximately one-third of each soup is made up of vegetables, and both flavours also include ‘playful’ animal pasta shapes to make them more fun to eat.

Nestlé says that the soups have been released to meet the increased damnd for to meet the demand for nutritious and appetising meal



options for kids, and that the products follow strict international dietary guidelines for children.

The release also comes in the wake of the launch of the ‘Nestlé for Healthier Kids’ children’s nutrition programme, which aims to help 50 million children worldwide achieve healthier lifestyles by 2030.

Sarah Kanaan, nutrition, health & wellness manager at Nestlé Middle East said: “MAGGI has been an integral part of many lives over several decades, and we are strongly committed to encouraging healthier food habits among families and children around the world.

“These new soups come as part of our Nestlé for Healthier Kids commitment to the region to add three new products a year that are nutritionally designed for children’s needs.

“It’s always a challenge for nutritious products to be well received and consumed by children, which is why we create our recipes to not only be nutritiously impeccable but also tasty and fun to eat,”

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