KHS Innoket Roland 40: Compact Labeling Machine for Beverage and Food Industries

KHS is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries. With the Innoket Roland 40, the KHS Group has launched a compact labeller to market. The KHS InnoketNeo’s little brother has a capacity of 2,500 to 25,000 containers per hour and is thus specifically tailored to the requirements of the food industry. The Innoket Roland 40 can be fitted with various labelling stations and is characterized by its ease of use and the accustomed high quality offered by KHS.


Features of KHS Innoket Roland 40:

  • Space-saving table machine for the low capacity range
  • High-quality mechanical design based on the Innoket Neo
  • Many expansion options for individual requirements


“The machine is specially geared towards lines with a low output,” explains Cornelius Adolf, labelling product manager at KHS. During development particular attention was paid to simple operation and a high degree of economy. The table machine is not only of interest to craft breweries but also to companies in the food sector, such as manufacturers of canned food, sauces or dressings.



In its standard version, the Innoket Roland 40 comes with two cold glue stations. This allows shoulder and neck labels to be applied at two levels by the first station, for instance, with the second station affixing back labels to the bottles. Alternatively, self-adhesive stations, a combination of cold glue and self-adhesive technology and hot melt labelling processes can be used.


Proven Components from the High-Capacity Range

Inside the Innoket Roland 40 are countless quality-determining components taken from the established high-performance KHS Innoket Neo labelling machine. These include the carousel, infeed and discharge stars, folding doors, installation and format parts and guides and on the cold glue station the gripper cylinder and label magazine. The Innoket Neo servo feed screw has also been applied and integrated here, permitting gentle bottle stops.



Plenty Of Upwards Scope

The KHS development also provides many different opportunities for extension to cater for individual labelling tasks. It is possible, for example, to equip the Innoket Roland 40 with the KHS VarioDrive electronic bottle plate control system. Other options include mechanical alignment by side notch in the infeed star and the fitting of travelling applicators, the latter used for cap or lid labels. U-shaped labels – as tamper-evident seals for twist-off caps, for instance – can also be labelled and rolled on. Optional sensors check for the presence of labels at certain points, for example in the label magazine or on the glueing roller, and for other factors such as broken bottles. With its many expansion options, the KHS Innoket Roland 40 is thus perfectly suited to cater for all requirements in the low capacity range.


At Anuga FoodTec the Innoket Roland 40 demonstrates its perfect suitability for the food industry through its point of display alone. The technology can be viewed live not at the KHS booth but at Florin GesellschaftfürLebensmitteltechnologiembH at booth E20/F29 in hall 10.1 where the system designed for an output of 2,500 to 25,000 containers per hour will be exhibited.

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