World Food India: To Fillip the Domestic Food Processing Industry; Develop Food Labs

Food safety and quality have become catch words in today’s competitive industry. For enterprises, medium, small and large-scale, Total Quality Management has become key to success. Total Quality Management entails four important processes that work on a horizontal level so that standard food products can be provided to the consumers. This usually requires world-class facilities with superior understanding of best-practices and domain knowledge.

Indian food products today are facing stiff competition from foreign companies that are making inroads into the Indian market. In order to produce global quality food products, a Quality and Food Safety System has to be implemented. Food Testing Laboratories play a very important role in this regard. Western countries who understand the critical value of food health and quality have installed robust and strong food testing laboratory systems that guarantee superior quality food products.  India is fast on track of this global trend and is adapting well to the latest technology to place a strong element of trust in its production processes.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) has been working closely with the industry to set up a reliable and effective Food Testing Laboratory infrastructure in India. The main objective of this initiative is to provide safe and nutritious diets, in order to maintain better health of the consumers in a fast-changing world. The ministry of Food Processing Industries is currently in process of upgrading the food testing laboratories, which would benefit all stakeholders and participants- including the domestic industry, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises.

Laboratory testing is an important part of food processing, which relies mainly on scientific data and analysis to identify methods of improvement of products, production processes and quality control of the food items. The objective of quality control is to identify impurities in the food materials or contamination of products before they are produced and placed in the market. Laboratory testing is also considered crucial for the research and development of new products, such as- choice of ingredients or food stuffs, design of food processing, shelf-life as well as sensory evaluation of products.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is keen to build the food processing sector in India. It is setting up infrastructure, introducing regulations and standards for quality control and providing necessary assistance to propel the industry’s growth.

On the sidelines of this development, the Ministry is organizing World Food India from November 3-5, 2017 in New Delhi. The 3-day event aims to bring world class technology, provide an international platform, and establish global linkages to facilitate foreign investment in India’s food retail market.  

The event intends to provide opportunities for both investment and trade in the food processing sector for Indian and international companies. The event will encompass the entire food spectrum from production to consumption, create a better sourcing environment and enable higher returns for farmers, thereby creating employment and fostering entrepreneurship.


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