Healthy Breakfast: The New Trend


Today, people have become highly diet-conscious and aware of health concerns that come with food. As we are constantly on the rush, breakfast has become more about eating mindfully so that our body is provided with the essential nutrients. Nowadays, breakfast is not just about gorging oneself with fat-rich foods, oily parathas and deep-fried samosas.

As lifestyles are changing with increasing spending power and greater time poverty, a higher need for convenience and focus on healthy foods, many consumers are changing their breakfast eating preferences from indulgent to wholesome.

In this context, cereals have become quite popular with the Indian consumers.  While cereals have always held their own on the Indian breakfast table, eg: flattened rice flakes or poha, and whole wheat grits or dalia, packaged breakfast cereals have become a growing market in India, presently valued at $157 million.

Breakfast cereal manufacturers are scaling the health-segment to make inroads into the Indian market. They have introduced healthy fortified options such as Kellogg’s products in kid’s category, all-family segment and for ageing adults. Major players in the industry include Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats and Bagry’s. There are other companies like


Marico, Heinz etc. that are entering the market as well.Within the cereals segment, hot cereals and muesli have been the most promising products. Among the hot cereals, oats have gained a high acceptance and reputation in the market. Traditional breakfast eaters have not only ventured to other avenues, but are also exploring healthier options within those avenues.

To illustrate the growing trend of health-awareness among Indian buyers, some categories of breakfast cereal offered by popular brand Kellogg’s can be mentioned, these include: Kellogg’s Oats, Muesli, Kellogg’s Special K, Oat Bites, Kellogg’s All Bran and Honey Loops. These are further available to buyers in interesting options, like Mango, fruit and nut, zero calories and without added sugar, and fortified options such as added iron, vitamins, fibre and protein.

The same also holds for breads available in the market. Reputed and well-known brands like Harvest Gold, English Oven, and Perfect Bread have been selling whole-wheat bread, multi-grain bread and brown bread for a while now.

Popular milk brands such as Amul, Mother Dairy, Paras, Saras and Verka are offering cow milk and skimmed milk in tetra packs, generally considered to be healthier. Apart from these, the demand for packaged juices has witnessed a high growth trajectory as well, with its current valuation being pegged at $200 million, with expected growth to reach roughly 15 percent over the coming years.

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