FSSAI Issued Advisory for Vendors and Public to Avoid Illnesses


FSSAI Issued Advisory for Vendors and Public to Avoid Illnesses

With summer at its peak forcing people to largely depend on beverages sold at shops and by roadside vendors to remain rehydrated, Food Safety Department has issued an advisory on precautions to be taken by vendors as well as the public to avoid illnesses due to contamination.

Shopkeepers and vendors have been asked to keep the premises clean and control carriers such as houseflies. They have been advised to use fresh fruits, milk and water to prepare cool drinks and juices in a hygienic manner. “Before consuming beverages from outside, consumers must ensure that all such items are stored in hygienic conditions in closed containers and without the presence of flies. For packaged drinks, one must always check whether the product is certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which assess the quality of such items. The labelling must also contain the details of the manufacturer, FSSAI number, manufacture and expiry dates. Expired products must be strictly avoided,” said B. Vijayalalithambigai, Designated Officer of FSSAI, Coimbatore.

Consumers have been advised to ensure that clean tumblers and straws are used for drinking beverages from outside. They have also been asked to discourage vendors dipping tumbler into pots and vessels stored with beverages and instead ask them to use a ladle to pour them and avoid contact with bare hands. Ms Vijayalalithambigai said that routine inspections are being conducted at roadside eateries.
Source: The Hindu

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