FSSAI Conducts National Milk Quality Survey in Assam

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FSSAI Conducts National Milk Quality Survey in Assam

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is conducting the national milk quality survey across India, has selected Kamrup (metro), Dhubri and Goalpara as sample collection spots for Assam.

A three-member team of Hyderabad-based Vimta laboratory, appointed by FSSAI, arrived in Guwahati on Wednesday and collected samples from various sources. They said they would collect six samples each from Dhubri and Goalpara, which will be sent to FSSAI laboratory and the report will be published soon. “We are going to check the milk quality along with the amount of adulterant, antibiotics, pesticide if they are present in a sample.

The study will reveal the quality of milk of the state,” Ram Mohan, a member of the sample collection team, said. “Generally sugar, urea, and ammonium-bi-sulfate are used for adulteration. Again, in many cases, antibiotics are used for preservation. Therefore, we will check all those elements. The place of sample collection was selected by the FSSAI based on population,” Ram Mohan said.

The team has already collected samples from Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh and will move to other parts of the region. “The quality survey has been carried out by FSSAI independently and we provide them with all kinds of support from commutation to sample collection,” food safety official of Kamrup (metro) L.R. Nampui said.

Assam public health laboratory food analyst Anupam Gogoi, who is providing technical support to the team in Guwahati, said, “The samples are collected from farmers, production units, and retailers from various part of the city.

In Assam, the maximum adulterants are found at the retailer level, so we are also keeping this in mind while collecting those samples.” The food safety department is starting an initiative to provide food quality assessment at the doorstep of citizens through its food safety van. The initiative has been started in Guwahati and will soon be extended to other parts of the state.

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