Food & EatingTrends 2018; Superfoods May Dominate

Fitness never tasted good. 2017 has been year of “food and Shelfies”. With the World Food India, the Indian Food Processing Sector experienced a global platform to dummy the worth of Indian Food Processing.


Current advancements in food sector are implementing the artificial intelligence applications. Smart packaging systems like Nano packaging and edible packaging films are in use to a greater extent. Labeling the processed food for smart packaging and computerizing the food industry with robotics and automations would lead the industry to a totally new era.

Superfoods will rule the year 2018. The food and vegetable seems to be more likely bent towards nutrition. Tumeric, Moringa, proves that Indians have embrace superfood around them. For turmeric, many beneficial effects range from helping to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s to reducing the signs of ageing.FMT-INDIA

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine published in July suggests “the high nutritional content found in dried leaves is an indicator of the usefulness of the plant as a food resource”. Fermented food, probiotics, natural sweeteners, will be some of the persistent terms in 2018.

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With Food channels flourishing with the bite peagant “we predict 2018 will see more social media buffs entering the fray of competitive dining. Expect inspiring Instagram feeds full of inventive (and sometimes, bonkers) dishes from budding chefs at home”-goodfood Report

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Aggregation of various trends enlists the following major trends 2018:

Go Healthy; Local and Fresh; Specialized Tea; Use of Spices; New fresh flavours; Go vegan; Food Hospitality (Modern Dining); Air Frying; E-commerce market; Everyday food technology, are certain trends to follow up in the coming year.

Scientific developments in the food industry have resulted in significant increases in productivity and adaptability for products as per the market needs. The advancements are moving towards novel preparing techniques, computerization, quality control and confirmation, microbiological security issues, progresses in conservation and bundling advances and tangible examinations.





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