Food Safety Month 2017

A Food Safety Awareness Campaign Powered by Equinox Labs

In its third consecutive year, Food Safety Month 2017 has commenced on 7th April, 2017. A known event in the food fraternity, the crux of this initiative is to achieve far-fetched safety and health of the teammates in every working area. Maintaining this prerogative, the FSM team has organized Food Safety Award, to honour the company with the best hygiene practices in place. The nominees can vary from a set of food businesses like cafes, bistros, restaurants, product manufacturers and retailers, along with small organizations, and large MNCs.

Higher level of participation will only strengthen our goal of positively impacting a large scale of people. Most of the people have irregular working hours and unhealthy eating habits. To top it, a large chunk of food products we are exposed to may not be as healthy as claimed. The nature and safety of the products obtained in office canteens, the infrastructure of the working premises and the hygiene practices observed in any office/food business unit can have serious implications on the health of any employee. To nip the menace at the bud, it is up to the management of any organization to take responsibility and educate their teammates, along with the third-party vendors to ensure there is little or no adulteration in the food and environment.

With this ideology, Food Safety Month 2017 has set forth a series of activities – Quizzes, Consultations on Food Safety, Knowledge Sessions, and Courses, along with valuable resources like Signages and Posters, free of cost. The plan is to bring as many organizations under the awareness umbrella to attain a gargantuan population educated on importance of safe food, compliance to the law and regulations within, impact of health of the teammates on corporate and food businesses and ways to achieve the same.

The initiative will last a month, till 6th May, 2017. The event is sponsored by Testing Partner Equinox Labs and Food and Safety Partner Equinox Consulting. The partners of the event are RAW Pressery, Smoodies, Seedy Smoothies, Goodness Beverages, Ahura Hotels and Native Foods.

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