Food Ingredient Company ‘The Blue Ingredient Co.’ Announced its Fusion

Source; The Blue Ingredient Co.

Food Ingredient Company ‘The Blue Ingredient Co.’

Most admired Food Ingredient Company is in the making?Blue Ingredients Private Limited’ is the incorporated name of the brand “The Blue Ingredient Co.” and its founder Nikhil Kapoor announced recently to all the food professionals, “I want history to remember 2018, as the year when the foundation of the most admired food ingredient company was laid”. “Starting a new business is always a bit frightening, but it seems just like the most obvious step forward after 12 years of my experience in food ingredient industry.”

Blue Ingredients is in business association with the most reputed companies like Cargill, Olam, Herza, Alpha, Werner, CFF, and EPI. The product portfolio has major food ingredients of cocoa products, whey proteins, wheat proteins, milk proteins, etc. and ranges to specialized ingredients of dietary fibers, chocolate pieces, and candy sprinklers, to name a few.

Holger Werner, Managing Director of Hanns G. Werner GmbH + Co.KG is equally enthusiastic about the journey ahead and said, “We believe that our business association with Blue Ingredients is the right combination of market understanding, a network of food professional and local operations in India.”

“India is a unique market and its dynamics are much different from other countries that we do business in. Having a trustworthy associate like Blue Ingredients gives us the confidence of looking into the future as a successful brand in India.” Jennifer Zamanifar, Team Leader – Food International of CFF company mentioned further.

Adding to the dialog, Carsten Braumann, Sales Director of Herza Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG said, “what makes us enthusiastic about the business association, is the unique capability of Blue Ingredients to provide the market insights, their network among food professionals and the willingness to go that extra mile for our customers.”

“With the passion to achieve results for our clients and topped up with the capabilities of food technology, business, and operations planning, I strongly believe in my vision,” said Nikhil Kapoor, as his concluding remarks. “Our service to the food industry and thoughtfulness for their success will become the key factor for our accomplishment.”

With the business philosophy to connect global expertise and best practices with Indian market scenarios, Blue Ingredients is a professionally run, Distribution Company founded recently in March 2018 and offering food ingredients, namely Cocoa Powder, Dairy Products, Wheat Protein, Chocolate Pieces, Dietary Fibers and Candy Sprinklers to food manufacturers. The philosophy of the business is to connect global expertise and best practices with Indian market scenarios.


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