EPICURIA and FIAPO Come Together to Make a Vegan-Friendly Hub

Giving the growing vegan trend a much-awaited push, Delhi’s foremost food mall, EPICURIA, has introduced special vegan menus at its leading restaurants in Nehru Place. With restaurants like Fio, Dhaba, Yuzu, Big Wong, Chatter House, Lord of the Drinks, Flying Saucer, and Fidahh on-board, these restaurants have whipped up special vegan-friendly menus in addition to their original menus.

This initiative is a joint collaboration between The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and EPICURIA to create the first vegan-friendly hub in the capital, which caters to people with different dietary preferences. Other cities like Pune and Bangalore are already bursting with vegan restaurants, while Delhi has less than a handful of vegan-friendly eateries. Although most chefs have the ability to easily customize vegetarian dishes to suit a plant-based diet, the lack of options in the city hinders the transition of many who are willing to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

There are many people who want to try veganism, be it for health, animals or the environment, and this collaboration between EPICURIA and FIAPO is a huge step towards that goal.

Source:  FIAPO

EPICURIA Vegan Launch

MsVardaMehrotra, Executive Director, FIAPO, said that “In the last decade there has been a tremendous shift in how veganism is perceived in India. The growth of home-grown companies and digital awareness has increased the number of vegans and transitioning vegans. And as a national federation with the largest network of vegan advocates and volunteers, we are working with many corporates to introduce vegan products and vegan options”.

The vegan-friendly move of the management is a big move to set the standard of food and lifestyle in the city. From food to entertainment- EPICURIA gives you an ultimate destination to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family.


For more details log into – www.fiapo.org


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