ELANPRO New Wine Dispenser Redefines the Art of Serve and Preserve

source: ELANPRO

ELANPRO’s range of wine dispensers – Wine For You.

The trusted names in Hospitality, Retail and Pharma Industry, for its commercial refrigeration & food-service in India, ELANPRO has made storing and selling wines a smooth business to meet their appropriate requirement. With the aim of pushing businesses on top of the top, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company has a professional range of wine dispensers – Wine For You.  The product is designed to chill, dispense, and preserve a dazzling array of red and white wines making wine-by-glass a profitable reality.

An integral part of a profitable wine-by-the-glass program is to reduce waste, over-pouring, and to increase convenience for maximum return on investment. The product is available in 4-12 bottle options considering a restaurateur’s current needs and future aspirations. ELANPRO Wine Dispenser boasts a more powerful cooling capacity than thermoelectric versions and can better adapt to varying temperatures and added heat loads. It also features an innovative, compressor-based dispenser to keep a stable internal temperature despite environmental conditions.

The new wine dispenser from ELANPRO uses nitrogen to displace incoming air to avoid any change in flavour or colour. The temperature controlled system keeps wine as fresh as the moment they are uncorked for up to four weeks. The use of stainless steel to frame the dispenser’s insulated glass door adds to its sleek, modern design aesthetic because it allows more glass to be exposed – making it possible to beautifully showcase each bottle stored in its entirety. The user-friendly product is equipped with adjustable temperature control with display for cabinet temperature control regulating the temperature between 6°- 22°C.

Key Features:

  • Push-button portion control pouring
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Digital LED temperature display
  • 4 Taps for easy dispensing

ELANPRO Wine Storage Solutions that not only properly store the commodity, but also add to the design aesthetic of each location’s environment.


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