Del Monte Brings Delight with their New Magical Flavours

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Del Monte Brings Delight with their New Magical Flavours

People now have an evolved palette that yearns for experiments and uncommon flavors. What has lately become the new tasteful ingredient for the Indian kitchen is the magical mayonnaise. It has rapidly become the new alternative for products like butter, cheese and is extensively used in almost all our daily meals.

Del Monte has thus a wide array of condiments that go well with lip-smacking dishes and satiate your taste buds. This monsoon season, Del Monte’s delightfully thick and creamy mayo will serve as heaven for foodies who love to binge on burgers, sandwiches, samosas. Be a little more experimental and use it as a cocktail dip or salad dressing.

Time and time again, the popular condiment has been exonerated by leading authorities on food safety.  Yet, the American public refuses to give up the myth about mayonnaise and foodborne illness.

Indeed, commercial mayonnaise and spoonable (mayonnaise-like) salad dressings are carefully formulated with highly acidic ingredients and pasteurized eggs and manufactured under rigorous quality control procedures making these products extremely unlikely sources for bacteria that cause foodborne illness.  These commercial products contain pasteurized eggs that are free of Salmonella and other dangerous bacteria.  Acidulants, such as vinegar and lemon juice, create a high-acid environment that slows or prevents, bacterial growth.  Salt is also an important ingredient in commercial mayonnaise that contributes to the unfavorable environment for microbial growth.

Mint Mayo, Eggless Mayo, Cheesy Dip, Tandoori Mayo, Sandwich Spread and Cheesy Garlic Mayo – these magical flavours will surely leave you craving for more!

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