Dairy Day’s 3-in-1 Ice-Cream Freedom Pack

Dairy Day’s 3-in-1 Ice-Cream Freedom Pack

The leading ice cream brand of South India, Dairy Day is celebrating Independence Day with introduced a unique 3-in-1 ice-cream freedom pack on the occasion of Independence Day.

Dairy Day, with an extensive presence in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, introduced freedom pack, a mix of three flavours – Mango, Vanilla, and Pista, which when cut into a slice resembles the three colours of Indian Flag. It is available in 700 ML take home pack and priced at Rs. 140. Manufactured from the best of ingredients, this ice cream will be available across 30,000 outlets in South India.

As a small step towards promoting the cleaner environment, Dairy Day has also announced to give an eco-friendly cloth bag free with every freedom pack.

Promoted by Mr. M N Jaganath, Mr. A Balaraju, and their colleagues, the company has two state-of- the-art manufacturing units in Karnataka, spread over 2 lakh square feet with a production capacity of 1.4 lakh litres per day.

Mr. M N Jaganath, Director, Dairy Day said “Since its inception, Dairy Day is known for offering unique, innovative, value for money products to its consumers. The main inspiration behind the 3-in-1 ice-cream freedom pack was to make something special for the upcoming Independence Day. Though complex in manufacturing, this 3-in-1 ice-cream freedom pack will be a visual treat for our consumers.”

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