Dairy Day Ice Creams launches Lick, Chew, Bite (LCB) series this Summer


Dairy Day Ice Creams launches Lick, Chew, Bite (LCB) series this Summer

Stay Cool this summer with a range of new delicious flavours, Dairy Day, a leading ice cream brand in South India today introduced Crust, Paan Twist and Ice Cream Sandwich under its Lick, Chew, Bite (LCB) series. Manufactured from the best of ingredients, the new range of ice creams will be available across 30,000 outlets in South India.

The Lick series, a premium extruded product coated with real chocolate, will be available in two new flavours – Crust Coffee Twist and Crust Caramel Twist ice cream. This series is priced at Rs. 30/- per piece of 55 ML.

Paan Twist” under the Chew series, similar to eating a Meetha Paan, will come packed in a paan leaf shaped container. Actual betel leaves and rose petals are added to the ice cream to enhance the taste and flavour. Paan Twist is priced at Rs. 40/- per piece of 100 ML.

The Bite series, an ice cream sandwich will be available in creamy rich vanilla or chocolate ice creams, sandwiched between choco biscuits. The Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich will be priced at Rs. 25/- and the Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich will be priced at Rs. 30/- per piece, each 90 ML.

Mr M N Jagannath, Director, Dairy Day said “Since its inception Dairy Day is known for offering unique, innovative, value for money products to its customers. The main inspiration behind the LCB series is to cover all the actions which a consumer does with his or her ice cream – they can either lick it, chew it or bite it. So, we thought of launching a series of flavours which will fit into this theme. Once Paan was developed and it was tasting as good as eating real paan – we decided to present in a unique packing which resembles a paan leaf – hence the idea of a paan shaped container came up.”


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