Compulsory to Have a Warning About Caffeine Content Must on Caffeinated Drinks in Paper Cups

It would be compulsory for caffeinated cups to carry a warning about the caffeine content on the cups. It was stated in a notice issues to the McDonald’s by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Maharashtra. This issue was first detected by Kolhapur officials in Maharashtra. During their routine inspections, they found out that the paper cups containing the caffeinated beverages in McDonald’s didn’t carry the warning, which is actually mandatory. It was said to the quick service restaurant’s chain that the containers of beverages manufactured by soft drink giants Coca-Cola India and PepsiCo. India carried the warning and hence it was mandatory for them as well to carry the same on their paper cups. The assistant food commissioner, FDA Maharashtra said that the QSRs sell drinks containing caffeine and children consume it. This may have an adverse impact on the health of men, pregnant women and diabetic patients. They have sent a notice to McDonald’s because the beverage giants carry the caffeine content on their bottles whereas, the QSRs do not. He feels that the people must be informed about what they drink. According to them if a product is added with caffeine, the cup needs to state that. Even though coffee contains caffeine, it doesn’t come under the said act because caffeine is naturally present in coffee and there no deliberate attempt to add the same to coffee.

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