Coffee Board’s Roll Call of Araku Coffee under Geographical Indications

Coffee Board, under the Union commerce & industry ministry, has applied for the registration of Araku coffee under Geographical Indications (GI) to protect the unique identity of the coffee, grown by the tribal community of the Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam district.



The organic coffee, popularly known as Araku Coffee, is grown at an elevation of 1,100 metres above the mean sea level under the shade of jackfruit, silver oak, mango and banana trees. It has a delicious fruit flavour intertwined with caramel and a finish of bittersweetness.
About 90 percent of the total Araku Coffee production is exported to countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Dubai and Italy. The central government, through Coffee Board, is promoting the production of coffee in the Araku valley by implementing the Integrated Coffee Development Project.



The board is facilitating collective marketing of Araku Coffee by providing incentives at Rs 10 per Kg for SHGs and grower collectives. Arabica coffee from the Araku valley has gained popularity as a high-quality speciality coffee internationally. For instance, Araku, an upmarket coffee house in Paris, takes its name from the coffee-growing area.


Coffee Board has developed exclusive logos for coffee grown in the country based on their geographical distinctiveness. Through the project, the board extends financial support for replanting and expansion, the creation of water harvesting and irrigation infrastructures and mechanisation of coffee estate operations.



In non-traditional areas, financial support is extended for consolidation of existing coffee plantations through gap filling and application of compost. Technical assistance is also provided by organising capacity building programmes and field demonstrations.

Source: Business Standard

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