BENEO’s Palatinose™ Can Help Players Reach Their Goal

The Importance of Steady and Sustained Nutrition

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BENEO’s Palatinose™ Can Help Players Reach Their Goal

Football is an intense sport. Whether playing competitively or for fun, a typical session involves explosive sprints, running long-distances, jumping and mental focus.

Due to the physical demands, consuming the right nutrition is essential to even an amateur footballer’s performance and recovery. It is no surprise then that the market for sports products and nutrition continues to grow, with a plethora of products to fitness consumers.

BENEO’s Palatinose™ can help them reach this goal as it is a slow release carbohydrate which means it delivers glucose in a balanced and prolonged way.

Boosting performance levels with the multi-purpose Palatinose™

Palatinose™ balanced properties appeal to professional and amateur footballers despite their varying needs, fitness requirements and physical intensities.

Competitive footballers want to perform at top levels during training sessions and matches. Palatinose™can help boost the endurance level of these players by providing steady and sustained energy and promoting fat oxidation.

Amateur players trying to emulate the pros often see football as an effective way of exercising to help them maintain a healthy body weight, improving body tone and to prevent illnesses. Due to its ability to keep blood sugar levels and insulin low, Palatinose™ can improve the fat metabolism of these consumers. As insulin is a storage hormone, fat storage will be minimised while fat fuel will be optimised. In the long term, these consumers will benefit from less fat accumulation and will also be able to prevent health issues such as the non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Christian Philippsen, Managing Director, BENEO Asia Pacific, discusses how alternative carbohydrates such as Palatinose™ can alleviate the challenge manufacturer’s face to cater to consumers of different fitness requirements and physical intensities.


With this in mind, carbohydrate ingredients need to be able to deliver in terms of technical, as well as nutritional and functional benefits. BENEO’s Palatinose™ has a natural, mild sugar-like taste and is ideal for use in gels, bars, and drinks. In recent recipe formulation trials at BENEO-Technology Center, Palatinose™ was used to create a reduced glycaemic response sports drink powder. The end result was a powder that delivers exceptional results in terms of having a sugar-like taste, is dissolvable in cold water and has excellent flowability and dispersibility.

 Reduced Glycaemic Response Sports Drink Recipe:




Test recipe

% w/w

Palatinose™ PST-PA 57.699
Sucrose 20.000
Mineral mix 15.000
Citric acid anhydrous 4.000
Gum Arabic 2.000
Colour: Curcumin 0.100
Colour: ß-Carotene 0.001
Natural orange flavour 1.200
Total 100.00


World Cup fever can be a reminder that the market for sports nutrition is growing, and is extending beyond the scope of catering only to the needs of elite athletes. With alternative carbohydrates such as Palatinose™, manufacturers can now offer products that cater to both competitive athletes and those playing sport for fun. The BENEO-Technology Centre has developed a wide range of new product concepts including drinks, foods, and gels to meet these needs.

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