“Bakery Innovation Center” – The Era of Technological Innovation

It’s the era of technological innovation and when it comes to food, technology is changing the game.

Innovation comes slowly and steadily when we talk about food industries, but the Middleby Bakery Group continues the R&D as equipment manufacturers and bring key solutions to match up with today’s food processing demands.

For over 150 years Spooner Vicars has been credited with many technical innovations and firsts. Now, as a part of The Middleby Corporation, it holds a strong position to meet the ever changing demands of the biscuit, cookie and cracker market. Spooner Vicars is a specialist in industrial baking equipment and thermal baking solutions.

SPOONER VICARS announces the opening of Middleby Bakery Group’s second “BAKERY INNOVATION CENTER” on October 26, 2017 in Bangalore.

You will get to see the next generation of reliable production solutions covering industrial baking processes, automatic handling solutions producing consistent products with the highest quality.

You will get to experience a whole new era of technical innovation in industrial baking and experience the change.

Visit to see the change because “change is good”.

For more information mail to:– bic@spoonervicars.com

By SPOONER VICARS (Middleby Bakery Group)
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