Equinox-How Frequently Do You Initiate Maintenance of Equipment?

How Frequently Do You Initiate Maintenance of Equipment? Image: Equinox Labs Blog

Recently, news broke about a coveted company which spent crores on purchasing brand new types of machinery in a span of six months.  This happened due to the lack of maintaining the existing machinery for a long duration of five years.

The failure of maintenance isn’t just the issue of loss of money, but it has a gross chance of affecting the employee well-being and brand equity.

The latest article on Corporate, ‘How frequently do you initiate maintenance of equipment‘ is out and will cover the following topics:

  1. The importance of maintenance and different procedures of maintenance
  2. The main areas where maintenance of equipment is required

The equipment that is used in the company is innumerable and they can be classified into two categories namely Work and Food.

The article highlights maintenance of equipment that should be carried off on a timely basis to attain work efficiency by the employees.

However, the checklist is incomplete if proper maintenance procedures are not followed.

Thus, a well-organized maintenance of equipment in the company is essential for food safety and quality. It is known to be as one of the prerequisites which would save on cost in different ways. Well-maintained equipment shall last longer and perform better.

FSSAI, with Equinox Labs as a contributor, has launched The Orange Book – a guideline document under the ‘Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace’ Initiative. Following the Orange Book can help you comply with FSSAI while ensuring your employees remain healthy and your corporate does not suffer damages.

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