2018 Spring Food Packaging Summit: Plastics Industry Association


2018 Spring Food Packaging Summit: Plastics Industry Association

Hosted by the Plastics Industry Association’s, Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee, the 2018 Spring Food Packaging Summit is a forum for regulatory affairs specialists to exchange knowledge and learn from seasoned experts in government and industry.

Day One will open with a workshop on Proposition 65 compliance considerations for manufacturers of food packaging, including how to determine if products fall within the safe harbor or require labeling.

Day Two will start with a panel of speakers from U.S. FDA covering developments in the use of in silico tools for risk assessment and another research underway at the Department of Food Contact Notifications. Experts from academia and industry will follow with an examination of carcinogenicity assays and efforts to reform the IARC Monographs Program. The afternoon will feature practical sessions on meeting compliance responsibilities in China and on demonstrating the safety of impurities in food contact materials.

The program will conclude with consultation among scientists, policy and communications experts on changing the conversation about plastic packaging and overcoming state and local initiatives to ban these products.

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