New: X-ray Inspection System for Nuts, Fruits and Vegetables

X-ray Inspection SystemMinebea Intec continues to expand its foreign body detection product range with the introduction of the new X-ray inspection system Dymond Bulk. The supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies developed this innovative system specifically with bulk goods in mind. The X-ray inspection device is particularly suitable for processes between incoming goods and packaging lines in the food industry.

Dymond Bulk reliably inspects bulk goods like nuts, smaller fruits, frozen vegetables, and also spices, coffee and seeds, and eliminates any foreign bodies it identifies. The X-ray inspection system not only identifies foreign bodies made from metal, plastic and stone, but also bits of dirt and glass, which has obvious benefits for all goods that are introduced into the production process “straight from the field”. “In food production, the ‘sorting and cleaning’ stage for raw materials is by no means a precise science” explains Global Product Manager Michael Zabawski from Minebea Intec. “The X-ray inspection system Dymond Bulk can make a significant difference here, increasing safety and quality parameters even before the refinement process.”

X-ray Inspection SystemDymond Bulk stands out because it is so user friendly. A conscious effort has been made to simplify the complex technology for the user: from real-time detection via colorbased contamination analysis, through to straightforward belt replacement and an easy-to-clean inspection system.

Minebea Intec at a Glance

Minebea Intec is part of the Sensing Device Business Unit of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, a world-leading manufacturer of precision bearings and components, and supplier of high-quality precision and measurement technologies. Minebea Intec is among the market leaders for industrial measurement technology for high-precision measurements and production inspection. The company offers a wide range of products, solutions and services for its customers’ manufacturing processes – from incoming to outgoing goods. This includes platform weighers, vessel and silo scales, checkweighers and systems for foreign body detection, as well as software solutions for statistical process controls and formulation applications.

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