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vivekVivek is a Mumbai born chef who is creating marvels in the world. He has travelled from Mumbai to Maldives, from where he went to Bermuda, and now he’s presently working in Dubai to gain his culinary experience.

He writes about his work and contribution in this Sector and the latest trend in Food. He highlights how the Hospitality Sector is contributing the Food Industry to grow.

Coming from a family where my mother runs a fish business in the local market and my father being a professional chef, food is in my blood. I am very passionate about food, and this shows through my work.

As a head Japanese chef, I have known the Japanese Cuisine; it is not only about sushi, but much more. As a chef, sometimes, I have to play with fish where my work involves the art of cutting the fish in a right way, to cooking it under proper time-temperature combination. Only then does the beautiful platter show up.

If we talk about the contribution of the Hospitality Sector to the Food Industry, it would be a big YES! I believe the combination of both has made food cuisine grow.

The revolution in the food industry can be seen from the last decade onwards in India, especially in Mumbai, where Japanese Cuisine has spread widely. It continues to diversify even today. Japanese cuisine continues to stun the world with surprises. The Hospitality Sector contributes immensely here. The reason is the emerging five-star hotels, resorts, and high end malls that help such kind of innovations grow. These are high investment projects, which only the Hospitality sector can afford. The sector is keen to update themselves with the latest technologies and standards that are brought in because of the food industry. Hence, the Hospitality sector is seen contributing to the food industry. The practice of food safety, hygiene, and quality needs to be properly measured.

Technology is a driving force of innovation today, challenging even the most established companies to modernize and reimagine how they stay relevant. The trends in food industry are driven with changes such as:

  • Quick fix prepared food e.g. bagged salads
  • Drive-and Go take out foods
  • Inherently Healthy naturally healthy foods
  • Fancy premium gourmet foods e.g. fish
  • Authentic – Farm-Friendly organic & natural
  • Ethical fair trade, companies that “care”
  • Security; no bacteria; no virus; no contamination
  • Layering of Flavors e.g. spices, oils & vinegars
  • Grazing healthier snacks e.g. diet bars, low calorie & light products

Coming to the trend in the food sector, the customers are the driving factor behind this. They are increasingly driven to try unique flavors and consumers want to experiment with flavour. Hospitality Sector demands these flavours and the Food Sector commercialises it. The latest trends seen in the world involve Global Cuisines that include- brunch, theme nights, wine dines, and much more. In my opinion, the Hospitality Sector has given a platform to Food Industry.

Global cuisines and flavours continue to play an integral role in consumers’ restaurant choices.

The food industry is helping the Hospitality sector in a way to investigate key trends impacting the food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry; analyze trends in food and beverage, offer case studies; and identify key themes and drivers for the operators of the food and beverage sectors.

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