Investing in Technology for Sweets, Confectionery and Tea

2018 started in the best way possible for ACMA, a company of the Coesia Group, specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of highly-automated solutions for fast-moving consumer goods. After participating at the ProSweets trade fair in Cologne – where it presented 2 new Confectionery machines – the Italian company is now focused on improving its technology, toward a path that will lead them to comply with Industry 4.0 principles.

New technologies to strengthening market presence

Confectionery and TeaAfter a 2017 full of commitments, with their participation to global trade fairs and the organization of an open house dedicated to the soap sector, ACMA has started 2018 with the same momentum, by participating at the ProSweets trade fair, held in Cologne at the end of January. In Germany, the company launched two sweets and chocolate wrapping machines, proving its renewed commitment to the confectionery field. In this context, the company will focus on extending its presence also in the North American market – an area particular important both for its consumption levels and as platform to develop new products. In particular, the US market is where the new confectionery trends are born and developed, and it also houses some of the leading companies in this field. As evidence of this, the company will also be present at the Pack Expo International, held in October 14-17.

However, in 2018, the company will focus on research & development, aiming at improving the quality of its manufacturing processes and supporting the digitalization process under way. Among the goals, the use of new technologies to make after-sales support faster and prompter, reaching an increasingly capillary extension worldwide. An example of this was the foundation – four years ago – of the ARA (Advanced Remote Assistance) project, which provides remote support by expert ACMA personnel through a simple network connection. Today, this device is equipped as standard accessory on all the machines produced by the Italian company, and it proves ACMA’s ground- breaking role in developing high-tech solutions. Speaking of support, the company is also developing specific custom packages, tailored on the customer’s specific needs.

Flexibility-oriented technologies

ACMA operates across numerous fast-moving consumer goods sectors. From packaging chocolate, bakery products, soap, tea or other hot beverages, the Italian company is able to provide optimal solutions tailored on specific customer’s needs. A common feature of all the solutions developed by ACMA is their flexibility, which allows them to be configured differently depending on the requirements. The company’s design approach is based on the production of machines, systems and units easy to use and service, characterized by an advanced man-machine interface. All this while placing great care in product handling and in creating packages of an impeccable quality. Here are some of the most innovative solutions developed by the Italian company for three different sectors.

CW 800 R and HW 900 for the confectionery sector

With over 90 years of experience in this field, ACMA is one of the leading players on the market, and can count on a wide range of solutions, combining technology and flexibility. An example of this is the CW 800 R, an intermittent motion machine dedicated to oval and spherical chocolate – among the most requested shapes – characterized by its sturdy and compact frame and by its highquality wrapping. CW 800 R can manage two wrapping styles (double twist round and eggs&spheres) with the fast style change. The latest addition is the HW 900, a fold wrapper for high-speed double twist round candies packaging, which follows the footsteps of the 1100 machine, boasting top performance (with a packaging speed of up to 900 pieces/minute), a renewed design and improved efficiency and productivity, thanks to its technical features. Given the reduced quantity of format components, changes can be made quickly. The vertical paper unwinding plane allows to employ a wide range of wrapping materials, including high-quality and low-cost products.

TD 300 for the Tea sector

Confectionery and TeaACMA covers the tea sector efficiently, with low, medium and high-speed solutions for single and two-lobe bags. An example of this is the TD 300 – the machine that better exemplifies the company’s manufacturing philosophy, focused on combining a great level of flexibility, great product accuracy and excellent production performance. Specifically, the TD 300 is dedicated to twolobe tea bags packaging, without adding staples, with a speed of up to 300 pieces/ minute. In just a few years, it has taken over the market, also thanks to the high quality bags it produces. Furthermore, the machine is available as a “complete line”, integrating also box packaging functions, and thus combining several functions in one solution.

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