Introduction of Unique Avocado Processing Line

AvocadoWith the unique, partly automated avocado processing line up to 1.200 fruit – which equivalents to about 300 kg – can be peeled and cored per hour. The capacity can even be quadrupled if needed: to up to 4.800 pieces per hour.

In the first step the avocado is halved, including the stone, and in the second step the stones are removed from the halved fruit. In the last step the fruit is peeled. Stone and skin are disposed on a waste conveyor belt, while the readymade halved avocados are proceeded on the outfeed conveyor belt.

AvocadoThe avocados are prepared within seconds for downstream processes. The line is designed in a way that the sensitive fruit are processed very gently to guarantee a visually attractive product equivalent to manual treatment. At the outfeed belt of the line the KRONEN cutting machine GS 10-2 can be integrated, which realizes the next step and cuts avocados into slices or cubes.

Avocados processed in such a way can be used for sandwiches, wraps, salads, Sushi rolls and other fresh, high-quality convenience food.

Successful application of the convenience avocado line

AvocadoThe innovative avocado processing line was created in close cooperation with a KRONEN customer and convenience producer from Western Europe. The company produces sliced avocados on a large scale. It needed a solution which could support the staff. Since the producer had to fight with a loss of production due to illness – which resulted from the uniform movement of the hand when coring the fruit and lead to healthproblems at the wrist in a short length of time.

This was completely remedied with the new processing line. But not only in this respect has the company profited from the new line: Productivity has massively increased, namely by 25 percent at the place of installation. And the yield from the fruit pulp rises, depending on the consistence of the fruit, by up to 11 percent. Thus, other production sites of the company can be relieved and supplied by this production output. Furthermore, two workers have become available and are deployed for other production steps now.

The entire processing line, including the KRONEN cutting machine GS 10-2 which has also been integrated in the line, amortizes within 120 workings days. A result highly exceeding the expectations of the convenience producer.

“We are glad to introduce the new Convenience Avocado Line. We are cooperating closely with the industry to develop tailor-made, innovative solutions. Our goal is to support the business success of our customers by this means and to guarantee the production of fresh and healthy food”, explains Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN.

“Convenience” avocado is advancing

AvocadoAvocado fruit are gaining ground currently. The “butter fruit” is supposed to be healthy, nutritious and versatile. Fat content is about 23 percent, however these are highly demanded unsaturated fatty acids. Consumers who eat health- consciously are delighted by avocados. The fruit especially convinces vegetarians and vegans due to the proportion of essential amino acids.

And also because of the subtle taste and creamy texture it is a trend product for “fast casual” food and is used as salad topping, as ingredient in wraps or sandwiches and last but not least in Sushi rolls.

“Avocados are processed and offered as a freshcut product more and more. The demand is increasing, for example in Western Europe – especially the UK – as well as in the USA, in South America and Australia.

“Our Convenience Avocado Line is designed with consideration in detail. The Development department of KRONEN has succeeded in creating a real innovation: the worldwide first line for processing large quantities of avocados to be used in convenience products”, emphasizes Eric Lefebvre, Technical Director at KRONEN, the meaning of the new plant for the Freshcut and Convenience market.

Performance range of the convenience avocado line

The partly automated Convenience Avocado Line is optimized for peeling and coring big quantities of avocados. Integrated is the KRONEN cutting machine TONA S180K with an infeed conveyor belt and a trim table with several stations as well as separate transport, outfeed and waste conveyor belts.

Optionally the line can be offered with the KRONEN cutting machine TONA Rapid instead. As a result capacity increases up to 4.800 pieces per hour.

Important benefits at a glance:

• Effective, gentle product processing

The sensitive fruit are processed quickly and very gently in all steps of the process.

The line is designed in a way that the fruit pulp can be used completely, thus maximum yield and minimum waste is created. Yield is about 60 percent in the case of avocado fruit.

This means that around 180 kg peeled and cored halved avocados can produced within one hour.

• Easy and safe operation

AvocadoAt all points of the process safe, flexible and effective processing is ensured. The line is tailor-made and optimized for the requirements of the working staff. It is user-friendly and simple to operate thanks to the clear interface and switch panel. Tools can be flexibly varied in height (900-980 mm). The tools and cutting insets can be changed easily and quickly.

• Hygiene and cleaning

The avocado processing line is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 or FDA approved plastic (all food contact surfaces). The solid industrial machine is constructed according to the newest hygiene regulations and allows easy and quick cleaning.

With the KRONEN cutting machine GS 10-2 the line can be perfectly completed. The peeled and cored halved avocados are proceeded to the GS 10-2 via the outfeed belt. The well-proven vegetable, salad and fruit cutting machine slices or dices the fruit gently and accurately – with variable cutting thickness.

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