“Good To Go” For every Health-Junkie in the Capital!

Mr. Angad SinghWith their successful introduction into the e-tailing market, Good To Go brings you, their newest range of exotic and fitness products that is a must-have: Four exciting new flavours of steamed/grilled chicken breast, namely Herbed, Tandoori, Hot chilly & Lemon chilly. The exotic range consists of products like Blue swimming crabs, Norwegian salmon and healthy fish like sea bass and snapper. The best from all around the world for the international foodie in you!

In an interview with Sagrika Sanjay of Food Marketing & Technology-India, Mr. Angad Singh (Head of operations and marketing) talks about his business, meat industry, and the New Healthy Range from the products. Excerpts…

1 How did the idea of “Good to Go” came into light? Tell us about your business.

The first and foremost opportunity or idea, which prompted us to get into this business was the lack of a nationally trusted and recognised fresh meat brands which ensure great quality products every time people buy from them. With our promise of hassle free return & exchange, and a dedicated customer care desk, which no one has managed to do in our industry, we have gained customer trust in a very short period of time.

The other problem we noticed even at our own store was the unpleasant experience of consumers going and buying meat themselves. We give them the most premium & hygienic packaging in our class and deliver it to them at their home.

2 Most of the retail brands have started entering into the e-retail market. How much online sales do you expect in next 2–3 years?

We are catering to almost 250 orders daily right now from our B2B & B2C business or 7500 orders a month. We are easily achieving operational profits & using them to expand & strengthen our hold more in Delhi NCR. Our sales are steadily increasing and our growth rate in the past 10 months has been a whopping 100 percentage. Our monthly sales have crossed turnover of Rs. 50,00,000 & we are aiming to increase this to 10,000 orders monthly & turnover of Rs.75,00,000 in the next quarter. Right now we are focusing on Delhi & Gurgaon and looking out for investors to expand rapidly in the NCR & other cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Bangalore in the next 3 years.

3 E-commerce is not only the new trend. Tell us about your website and the app launched?

The biggest challenge was to educate people to order meats online, without actually seeing them. It took us a lot of marketing effort to convince customers that it’s possible to get great quality meats at your doorstep with the click of a button. But with our strong hold on quality and delivery service, we have managed to get the trust of our customers and have a steady base of customers. I think right now the technology that we are using is top end. Our mobile app is available on both IOS & Android. We review & renew the UI every 3 months. It’s loaded with features like live chat, banners & discount coupons. Hence, technology wise we are in a very satisfies state.

4 Ready to Eat and Heat & Eat products are a whole new market now. How successful do you see yourself in the market of RTE & RTC foods.

The consumption trend is shifting more from raw meats towards ready to eat/heat and eat products. This is happening because of the busy lifestyles people follow in urban cities where cooking at home gets difficult when both members of the family are working. Even our focus is now shifting in the same direction and that’s the reason we have invested a lot in a world class kitchen setup where our master chefs produce the most amazing variety of ready to eat products of different cuisines. We are focusing a lot on value added products, most being in the ready to eat category. For e.g. we have just launched a range of chicken seekh kebabs on our website with four new variants. It’s always good to keep giving our customers new options to eat in this category.

5 Explain the list of your product range. How does your product influence the modern food trend?

We have complete diversity in our range of products. We consider our product line to be household products. Any household which orders meats to cook at home is our target customer. We keep the same in mind while keeping our price points. Our range includes raw products, especially fish & seafood which people don’t get easily in Delhi & Gurgaon, as well as ready to eat and marinated range, which cover a lot of different cuisines & taste palates. For instance sandwiches or similar preparations, our diverse cold cut range includes chicken pepperonis to hams, pepper and chilli salamis to sausages. Marinated variations have masala tikkas, malai tikkas, peri peri versions, mustard and herb layered meats, the punjabi amritsari version, and the fish assortment among others.

6 How do you plan to handle new competition in terms of quality and price?

We always try and maintain balance between quality & pricing. We don’t want to be the cheapest because then we will have to compromise on the quality of the products, which is not our motto. Our strategy is always to offer to the customer the best possible product at the right price.

7 Operations are done on instrumentation and materials handling engineering. Tell us about the equipment and the extrusion technology?

All our cooking process is machine & technology based. We do not use any manual cooking methods. Everything is automated & pre-programmed. We use machines imported from Germany to carry out our grilling, frying & steaming. All products are then vacuum-packed through sealing machines.

8 What role does the raw material play in the quality of your final product? Highlight the risks and challenges in the meat and fish processing industries?

Raw material is the most important ingredient in the outcome of the final product. We have special emphasis & quality checks over the raw material as we feel the final processed meat is only as good as the raw material being put into it. The biggest challenge is definitely sourcing good quality raw material which we have overcome as our tie ups with the best farmers & fish catchers range back 40 years now.

9 One of the critical aspects of meat and sea-food processing is the by-product utilisation. How do you look towards safety and carbon foot-print?

Ours is a no wastage model. All products are completely used 100 percentages. Even the by-products are utilised in our processing plant to make delectable ready to eat products.

10 Who are your major clients and highlight the role of your suppliers in the business? What is the revenue generated?

Our core business is B2C which contributes to 80 percentage of our revenue. Other than that we work with other large online players & supermarkets where we act as end to end suppliers of all meats to them.

11 Do you believe in crowdfunding as an ideal option to start any business? How do you look towards business expansion?

We are looking at Franchise opportunities and crowdfunding as options to expand. We currently
have a lot of queries for both and shall be expanding rigorously in the next 9-12 months.

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