FSSAI Modification and Compliance with New Norms


FSSAI Modification and Compliance with New Norms

The FSSAI is commissioners are advised to withdraw, or at least, not peruse, the case of violation of old norms unless these are still not in confirmatory with the new or revised standards to prevent the FBO’s harassment. This must be apprised time to time.

As per FSSAI, the articles manufactured or sold in India are required to be conformity with the provision of Food Safety Standards.  During the last few years, certain new standards have been framed by the FSSAI. The amended of the standards for certain products have been done, keeping in mind the scientific evidence for assuring the level of food safety. While the standards have become more rigorous to certain food products, in certain cases it has become less stringent.

Talking about the field machinery task, it has lodged cases against FBO for violation of the old standard (standards have been revised now). The revision of standards has taken place after taking into account, all the scientific evidence required for appropriate protection to human life and health.

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FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal said standards are continuously evolving based on the views of the scientific panels. The commissioners have been advised to withdraw, or at least not pursue, cases for violation of old norms and standards unless the products in question are still not in conformity with the new/revised standards, the FSSAI stated in its order

Speaking of the modification, FSSAI, in partial modification with regards to the import of Speciality Food Products for IEM disorder. One of the labels approved for IEM product Milupa OS 1, with the introduction of a new label as Nutrica Milupa OS 1.

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